I trembled as a chilled breeze snatched at my hair, rippling in the gust. A fluttering dream glided on the wind, catching on my temple, clinging to my skin.


 Instantly I was transported into a fuzzy land of dreams, mixing with destiny and fate. It was a dream of a spirit, who's name a learned to be Azkaban. He crept through the shadows of the Underworld, malice and amusment filling him. Plans of murder spurned in his head as he journeyed  through the obscurity toward his victim.

  I shall finally bring you to your end, Than, the bitter thought echoed through my head, as the evil spirit raised his arm to slay the God.

I was pulled back into reality, stunned by the nightmarish dream I had witnessed. That evil spirit Azkaban had plans of killing  the God of the Underground, King of the Dark Gods! It was one thing I must prevent.

You mustn't interfere with fate's path, my Dear, I remembered the stern words of my mother from when I entangled myself in trouble years ago. I shook her warning from my head. This was of supreme importance, nothing should come upon the King of the Dark Gods.

I quickly hurried from my seat at the riverside, tossing open a portal to the dark, deep tunnels of the Underworld. Neither was I a Dark or Light Goddess, free to travel all the realms as my mother and her sisters did. Briskly I stepped inside, the moonlight fading as the portal closed behind me.


 I heard the shouts of an argument as I wound my way through the murky darkness, the moist smell of the underground thick and heavy. My steps echoed with each of my footfall, making my way toward the noises.

 Timidly I stepped from the tunnel's opening. I recognized Thantos, God of Hell, fuming as he stood alone. His sharp, flaming eyes turned upon me; shyly I interwove my fingers together anxious at the meeting of another God. Many times did I place dreams and nightmares in the heads of Gods and Goddesses, but never had I spoken physically to any other than the Fates.

 "Who are you?" he demanded, his eyes shrewn with something of confusion.

 "Anaxandra." I murmured, coloring slightly as he observed me. "Goddess of Dreams, Nightmares, and the Unknown."

 "Why have you come?" the God of Hell continued to ask.

  I shifted from foot to foot, "Than is in danger. A spirit named Azkaban has plans to kill him."

  Thantos' face hardened, his eyes flairing with rage.  He turned his face away from me for a moment, silent. I wondered if he would answer. "Can you bring me to him?" I inquired quietly, stepping forward.

  His expression took on an air of annoyance, his eyes full of fire. "He has gone that way," he gestured down to the mouth of another tunnel.

 "Thank you," I murmured, brushing by him briskly. Curiousity filled me of the strange anger in his eyes, wrapping my arms around me in the cold of the tunnel as I started towards where Thantos had gestured, hoping that he had lead me in the correct direction.



The End

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