Nyx and I had been sitting like this for a long time, we had heard the arguing between Primerose and Thantos and both of them dissapear. We both decided they needed there space before we checked if they were ok.

"Ill go and check on Thantos and you on Primerose" she whispered into my ear, I moaned in responsed I  hated being parted from her, but I needed to make sure she was ok. At the end of the day I still had feelings for her as did Nyx for Thantos.

"Do you think we made the right choice, we both hurt to peoples heart didnt we" I whispered back, inresponse she held me closer to her.

"I do think we made the right choice, we did hurt people and hurt our selves at the same time. But I never felpt so safe in someones arms before or so at home. I nodded in agreement. I helped he stand up, I kissed her forhead.

"Stay safe my love" were the last thing I said before dissapearing threw a portal. I ended up in Primroses linving room the whole house was dark.

"Primerose" I whispered, but no response I heard movment up stairs. I crept silently up the stair case sticking to the shadows. I opened the dorr wide the sight I saw sent waves of fire threw me vains.

Thantos was lying down on Primeroses bed with her ontop her. I stormed in her room. I blew wind wich pulled her off him and against me I help her shoulder with my hand warning her not to move.

"Thantos" I spat at him, my eyes were glowing red "Go back to hell now"

He stood up and glared back at me "Who are you to tell me what to do"

"Me oh I happen to be God of the Underground and you know God of the Dark Gods Go now" command screemed threw what I said and he dissapeared.

Primse shook my hand off her shoulder and turned around her eyes full of anger, she punched in my face. "I hate you Than do you like hurting me or somthing"

I staggard back shocked "All you have done since I have me you is course me pain I love you and you left me for Her" She was nearly crying.

I grabbed and pinned her against the wall. "Do you want to know the truth Primerose you think you will be able to handle is Princess. hmm ? Your Farther made me. You see Im part of this world now yh because he said I would be part of it but I wasnt aloud to be near you. He offered me the on thing  couldnt resist to belong some where"

Her eyes were wide with shock and the fact I was holding her close to me which I had nto done in so long. "I have avoided you because I knew I had hurt you I didnt want too I didnt know how to tell you, Im sorry your right the Dark realm has caused you nothing but pain. Thats why we lurk in the shadows we leave scars"

I hugged her close smelling her sweet scent again, the scent I have missed for a long time, she hugged me back after a while and sobbed silently. So much had happened to her yet she is so brave and weak at the same time. I she felt so fragile in my arms. Like I could break her.

I took a black rose out of my pocket I have been saving her "Here this is from me to you" I placed in her hair it suited her so well. she smile slightly at me. "Sleep now Princess you have a long road ahead of you" she nodded and climbed into her bed.

I walked back into a the portal and found Thantos talking Nyx I marched up to him just as he turns around He grins at me "Oh speak of the Dev-" I cut him off but punching in the jaw which sent him staggering backwards.

"You stupid God Thantos, one going after a Light Goddess who happens to be a Princess Kiss her on her bed. The you decide to dis Obey me" I went to lunge my-self at him. but nyx grabbed my arm.

"Stop this foolishness now I think we all better calm down and talk now" she said calmly but the threat was there the anger was still rising up in me. She stepped in front of me and held me face in her hands making me look in her eyes. I was mezermized by beauty of them I calmed down easily and let her lead me inside.

The End

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