The light seemed too bright after been in the Dark realm all this time. Even though it was still night, the stars and the moon shone too brightly for my golden eyes.

"Welcome home, daughter." Zeus voice called to me. I looked round to see him sitting on the same bench that me and Than kissed. It seemed so long ago now.

"Thank you Zeu- I mean...father." I replied still standing a little away from him.

He came over to me still looking over my appearance. "That's ok Rose." He touched my shoulder. I flinched from his touch and what he called me, Rose. Only Sasha had only ever called me Rose, hearing it come from his lips made my skin craw.

"Primrose." I corrected rising a eyebrow.

"Very well. Now we have to start work on your coronation." He told me smiling.

"Coronation?" I questioned.

"Yes, for finally accepting your title of Princess of the Light Gods." Zeus informed me. "Tomorrow at twilight hour."

"Ok. Erm. Can I go to my room; I need some sleep before I get my crown." I half joked stepping around him.

"Sweet dreams." That was the last thing he said to me as I walked towards my room.

I could still feel Thantos lips on my own. Why did I kiss him? He doesn't want me, he was right I should belong here; it was time to accept this. In my head I knew that I belonged in the Light realm and that I should be with a Light god like Apollo. But deep down in my heart I didn't want to be tied to the Light realm, as for who I should love?

My room was brightly lit and waiting for me, just as if I never left. I sighed and closed my eyes. I took my dress off and slipped my short silk nightgown on, Thantos would approve because it was white, I thought bitterly. My anger flared up thinking of him. He didn't know me, didn't know what I wanted. My head was filled with so many thoughts that I didn't sense the intruder.

 "Primrose." I froze at the sound of my name being said. I spurn round to see my intruder standing there, with a portal closing behind him. Both of our eyes connect as we looked over each other, not quite believing that we we're both here. Looking into those familiar deeper then green eyes, the iris teal with a edge of darkness.

  "Thantos?" I couldn't believe that he was here, what would he want? Another argument? But as I looked closely, I didn't see and anger in his body language or his beautiful eyes that were looking deeply at mine. Then he crossed my room in seconds, wrapping his arm around my tiny waist, our bodies fitted together.

"Don't say I didn't warn you Princess." He murmured his breath close to my lips. Warn me, from what? But before I could do anything, his lips stopped me asking the question. I closed my eyes and moved my hands around his waist, going up to his back, feeling his strong muscles in his back.

"Thantos what is this, kiss goodbye?" I asked pulling back.

"Your right Primrose." I stepped away. "I never let anyone get close to me, Nyx knows me but... even she doesn't know's hard to understand." Never once have I heard him talk like this, his voice so soft, so painful.

"Why are you telling me this? I'm just the Light princess, who shouldn't even lock eyes with a Dark god, let alone step foot in his realm without a valuable excuse to be there." My words sound harsh and seemed hit him hard, like I slapped him across the face.

"In all honestly Primrose, I don't actually know. Something about you. Primrose you don't show a lot about yourself either. Do you even know how you are?" I gasped hearing my own words repeated to me, we were both staring at each other, taking in the situation. Now I knew how Thantos felt when I said these words to him.

In many ways he was right, did I really know myself? Truly I didn't no matter what title or power I had it didn't matter? I didn't want to deal with this anymore.

"What is it Primrose? You can give it out, but you can't take it? Figures." He shrugged and turned to go, but I went across my room and gripped his right wrist.

"Be careful, Dark God. Remember who you're specking too." My words turning into a deadly whisper. "A pureblood Princess, also remember where you are. You're on my tuff now, Light realm in case you forgotten."

Suddenly, the lights went off in my room, the only light came from the moon which was streaming with light in my room. The sound of our beating heart, I could feel his skin warming up where my hand grasped his.

"Haven't we being here before, Princess?" His voice made the hairs on the back on my neck stand up. I wanted to let him go, but electrically was shooting between us pulling us together.

Without knowing what I was doing I pulling his wrist, still not looking at me he followed me to my bed. We sat on the end, his left arm went around my waist, whiles the other one moved some hair away from my golden eyes. I moved my hand up to his face tracing his cheekbone, my other hand feeling his hair. Thantos was copying my actions, as if we were reading each other body language. I gently traced my finger over his lips, as he did the same he left my skin burning wanting more of his touch. Then his finger went down my neck, feeling my beating pulse, over my shoulder. Thantos bent his head and kissed my shoulder, moving my white silk strap down. He worked his lips up to my collar bone, neck, cheeks and then he stopped.

"Primrose." He whispered against my skin.

"Rose you can call me Rose, Thantos." I whispered kissing his cheek, my hands moving messy perfect black hair.

"Nick names now?" He raised an eyebrow amusement went over his face, softening his features.

I laughed. "Thantos, kiss me."

"Whatever you say Princess Rose." Then his lips where own mine and they melted under his touch. I fell back on the bed, Thantos being careful not to hurt me as we kissed in the darkness of the night.    








The End

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