My eyes flickered in the moonlight as I crept along the silver ribbon of the stream, worming across the earth. Dreams glistened silver, fluttering like butterflies about me as I strolled along.

  Finally I halted, gazing into the water at my rippling reflection. My raven black hair shone like starlight, falling about my face, large and white like the Moon. I sighed, brushing a strand of  hair back from my face and tucking it behind my ear. For a particular reason, lonliness enveloped me tonight.

 I wandered the Earth, the Heavens, and the Underworld, casting dreams and nightmares as I went. I lingered in the shadows, enveloping myself in the scenes of the dreamers.  As of late I watched the dreams of lovers and hearts thick with romance, dreams of adventurers and bravery, a slight envy as I witnessed them.  Many days I wished for my own journey, I wished for love, I wished for the life the Humans led, guided by their wild emotions.

 I continued to watch the dreams and nightmares as they flitted about me. Many were snippets of memory, many were aspirations and a few told of the future. As a daughter of Cresco the Fate, a piece of the fate would come upon me, a vision of destiny.

What of my own destiny? I wondered longingly, gazing down the river.

The End

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