"Follow me." She said, her voice soft. She walked out of the room without a backwards glance. After a swift internal debate, I followed.

"Open a portal Thantos." There was venom in her tone, though I had no clue as to why, I did it.

"So finally going where you belong princess, about time really. I would say keep in touch but"-

"Thantos!Your words make my body shiver. Your touch leaves my body burning with anger." 

Her worrds sent a foreign thrill through me.

"So then go, go back to your real life! The one you was meant to have, the one you was born into!"

I was furious, for some unknown reason, this Light goddess had gotten right under my skin. I wanted her gone, yet instead of taking the Portal, she stepped close. We were almosy nose to nose.

 "Why won't you let anyone in? You know what, if Than wasn't on the scene then I bet you would let Nyx in. Hell you might even be king of the Dark realm."

I refused to look at her. Her words seared right through me as though they had been a sword.

"Weren't you going? Bye Princess."

She took my chin in a gentle grasp that I didn't resist. She was too close. Before I knew it, she had placed her lips over mine. She stepped lightly through the Portal and was gone.

My body burned, wanting her.

NO! My mind roared rejection of the idea. NO. Not her. NEVER HER.

I left Nyx's house before I left any more craters in the walls. I materialised back deep in Hell. Well past the Ninth Gate, into the realm known as Tatarus. This place was reserved for me and those who served me directly. Though myth claimed this was the deepest circle of Hell, that was in fact the Ninth Gate. Here, was were I had my own residence.

The sky, normally a calm night, cracked lightening, a fully fledged storm errupting. Craters blew all around me as I let my powers rule me in a bid to release the anger. The tortured souls howled, echoing my roaring thoughts.

FATES! I roared the summons of the three Fates, who controlled destiny. They were subordinate to me as the second in command of this realm.

The three waif-like girls appeared.

"Summons in that tone will reveal naught but strife Thantos of Hell." They chorused.

"Undo this." I growled, my powers still rampant. "Stop this now"

"An action once done cannot be undone. If actions cause pain, do not take them again. Beware the Light One, the worse is to come."

I cursed violently. "Damn you! Damn the three of you! Stop this!"


Everything froze at the familiar voice. "Nyx?" I whispered.

She put her hand on my shoulder. "Cerberus has been howling and I could feel your powers going rampant." she said softly. She looked up at the Fates then.

Leave. The order rang clear and the girls vanished with a giggle.

"Thantos of Hell, what has caused you to be like this?" Nyx looked me right in the eyes, hers glowing, reflecting the lightening. "You know I don't need an answer, but please, calm yourself." She put a hand on each cheek, cradling my face. "I need you my friend. Please do not bind yourself to the Fates. They cannot control free will."

I couldn't move as Nyx melted away into the darkness.

"Curse you Primrose Skylark." I muttered. "I am not going to start a war for you."

Though deep down, there was no suprise when I created a Portal later that night to the light realm.

I appeared in the centre of a brightly lit room. She was alone.


She spun round and in her wide blue eyes I could see myself reflected. My eyes roamed over her, scorching and enticing.

"Thantos?" She was suprised, no doubt about that.

I crossed the room in a handful of strides, pulling her close to me.

"Don't say I didn't warn you Princess." I murmured, a moment before I captured her lips with my own.

The End

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