I was getting fed up of Thantos now, the way he was with me. "Follow me." I said in quite voice walking out of the room, and though the door. I wasn't too sure weather he would actually do as I asked, but shortly after I heard his footsteps. I turned to face his weary tense face, a smile played over my lips.

"Open a portal Thantos." I told him hearing the venom in my voice. He questionably did as I asked.

"So finally going where you belong princess, about time really. I would say keep in touch but"-

"Thantos!" I shouted. "Your words make my body shiver. Your touch leaves my body burning with anger."

"So then go, go back to your real life! The one you was meant to have, the one you was born into!"

I went over to him again, not caring anymore. "Why won't you let anyone in? You know what, if Than wasn't on the scene then I bet you would let Nyx in. Hell you might even be king of the Dark realm."

"Weren't you going?" He looked away. "Bye Princess."

I turned moved his chin to face me, he let me and didn't move my hand away. We both looked at each other, like before. I saw something in his eyes that I couldn't work out. Then without really knowing what I was doing, I carefully placed my lips against his. I pulled back my lips tingeing; I stepped back into the portal leaving Thantos.  



The End

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