I felt the blast of power that came when Nyx destroyed Jarrah. All the Dark Gods did. I closed my eyes, feeling a pang of sympathetic pain for Nyx. I was one of the very few people who knew how much she hated to inflict pain. Just because she was Queen of the Dark Gods didn't make her evil. She just preferred the night to light..

I met her outside the room. Her face, paler than usual, was lit from the glow of the orb she carried.

"You did what you had to." I murmured, putting my hand on her shoulder to aviod touching the orb. She nodded, her eyes darker than usual. She looked tired.

"It does not mean I have to enjoy it." Her voice held traces of sadness someone else would have missed. She went into the room where Than and Primrose were.

I made to follow her, but paused when I saw Primrose through the doorway. My anger twisted and I tasted acid on my tounge. Nyx directed a comment in my direction and I nodded, only just registering Perses. He'd been someone I could rely on while Nyx had been away. While she pronouced that he'd been given Jarrah's powers, I silently walked away. I didn't want to be anywhere near the blonde if I could help it. In one incident she had turned an amicable relationship between me and Zeus into a scorch mark on my stomach that would most likely never fade entirely. Zeus had been an ally and she had stood by, allowing that alliance to crumble. It would be centuries before Zeus would forgive me, if ever. I stalked into the room I usually used when at Nyx's. It was dark and I found that comforting. It was the last place that the blonde would want to come.

I grabbed my cloak, enjoying the feel of the heavy material swinging around me. It was something familiar. Like being in Hell. Hell was home to me. It was about as far from the Light realm as you could find. Hell was where I belonged. Whoever was meant for me.. probably Chaos. Someone good and Dark.

You thought that about Nyx...

The thought came, unbidden and I shook my head to be rid of it. Black fury rolled over me, obliterating my sense. I cursed, shooting a blot of energy into the wall. It was small, but still left a smoking crater.

Damn these women. Damn them all. I'd throw them past the Ninth Gate if I could and be rid of it all. Instead I play the faithful friend. Because at the end of the day, I do care. I cursed again. The Light princess. Nyx was bad enough. But I kinda knew it would happen. Now the Light realm thinks I have a thing for their princess. And what do I have to show for it? Nothing. I don't even like her.. She's brought nothing but trouble.

I knew how I looked. A tense figure silhouetted against the night. Cloaked, alone in the dark room. Glowing eyes turned out to the night.

Where do I go from here?

I felt the air in the room stir. I turned, already knowing the moonlight would fall on the blonde hair of her kind. She just stood in the middle of the room, not moving, barely breathing. I could tell she could feel my anger from where she stood.

Might do the girl some good. I thought bitterly.

She was stood near the sofa in the room. Her eyes would only register dimly what was in the room, but mine, being a Dark God, picked every detail up clearly. The way her hair swept over her shoulder in honey waves. Her dress, at least white now, showed her slender body off, the tatoo on her back bared. Her face was turned down, her eyes shadowed. She looked like a princess and I hated her for it. Her eyes fell to her arm, a small purple blemish there. A needle mark.

I waited for her to say something. She turned to go, then stopped, changing her mind. She stoodin the doorway, silver light falling into the room from outside. She refused to meet my gaze.

"Azkaban. That's who you should blame." She whispered, her voice somehow filliang the room. "I won't lie to you, surely you know that. There's something about you. Something there, just waiting to open up and show who you truly are." She took a couple of steps, away from me. "The question is will you let it?"

Her question went straight to the heart of what I had been wrestling with, shattering something there. She kept walking. Silently, I moved instantly to her side, grabbing her wrist in an iron grip. She froze.

"Be careful, princess." I used the word as an insult, feeling the words come out acidic, laced with fury. "You're messing with hellfire here. And hellfire gives you the kind of burns that never heal."

I felt her tense up. "Stop hiding and face your demons."

"Stop pretending you know anything about me!" I snarled back, my grip involuntarily tightening.

She flinched, finally turning to face me. "I wonder if anyone really does know you Thantos!" She yelled, tears in her eyes. "You hide, all the time. Do you even know who you are?!"

I froze. Primrose snatched her hand away, rubbing her wrist. "You put up so many walls around you and you push everyone away so much, Thantos of Hell, I think you have forgotten what its like to have someone." She was looking at me with an expression in her eyes I didn't like at all.

I couldn't say anything, frozen by her words.

"Thantos." Her voice went soft.

"Princess, you would be better off a very long way away from here." I replied, my voice sounding very far-off. Every part of me burned, in anger and with something else.

Primrose put a gentle hand on my arm. her touch burned my skin and I pulled away.

"I told you princess. Hellfire leaves burns you will never erase." I turned away from her. "You don't want to get burned by the likes of me."

The End

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