"Lets fight this way it's much more fun" Than grinned at me, ok fine let's do it this way, fine. I glared back at him, sizing up my position. Then I ran straight at him hands like claws, but he blocked me. I tried again at a different angle, again Than managed to block me. Then he made a lung at me, I was quick and blocked him. And that was how it was, only now was I grateful to Azkaban for teaching me a few tricks. Even though, Than knew the tricks and was always there to block me, as I did to him when he attacked.   

Then my emotions came crashing down, I fell to the floor, letting my eyes fill with water. Than was knelt in front of me specking softy.

 "I know how you feel, I lost my one true love, when I was human she was a priestess at a temple of Nyx, she helped me heal after my farther had the crescent moon burned on my back for worshiping Nyx. The God of the Underground came and destroyed the temple. She died protecting it. I duelled the God in sword fighting and won. I did not know if I killed him would take his place"

I listened to his story and bit by bit my tears stopped, I was just looking at him, it was like I could see the pain behind his words. "Please think about your actions, do no strike out in rage and anger. You and Nyx are very much like My Elizabeth. She was pure hearted, strong willed, and could be deadly. She loved nature and would do anything to help anyone. But she was faithful to her Goddess, and for that Nyx was faithful to her" Than carried on his voice sounding distance thinking of Elizabeth I guessed.

So now I knew the truth about my mother and my father, my real father that is. What now? I didn't feel like I really belonged anywhere. Day or night? Light or dark? Nyx came in then and called another God into the room, I didn't pay much notice as to what was going on, too many thoughts were in my head.

"Jarrah really is gone, Primrose." Nyx quite voice broke into my head, I looked up to her and Than snuggled up close together. Seeing them together, they just seemed to fit into each others worlds. "Though I'm afraid I can't let you kill him, he's going to suffer a lot more than you can imagine."

Good, I thought I didn't even want to think about what Nyx had done, although I had a feeling that that other God had suddenly gone up in his title. I sighed and left the room giving Nyx and Than some time together. I needed to find Thantos and explain to him about before, why I didn't say anything in the ‘meeting' with my father. I could sense him out more clearly now, I made my way to where he was standing in a dark room. Thantos was looking out into the night sky, his lean muscular body hidden under his black cloak.

I just stood in the middle of the room, not moving, barely breathing. I didn't need to sense that he was mad at me, betraying him, leading him on. He had every right to hate me, but I hate myself even more, for letting Azkaban take over. I moved over to the sofa in the room, but not sitting on it, just staring down without really looking at it.

Neither of us turned to face each other off, to ask what we both were doing, staring out into the darkness. I looked down at my arm, seeing the nearly un-noticeable purple mark from a needle. Azkaban. Then I was remembering the needle, but was in the purple liquid? I turned too walked out the door and leave him just as he once was, but I stopped still not facing him.

"Azkaban. That's who you should blame." Specking to the dark room in a whispered voice. "I won't lie to you, surly you know that. There's something about you. Something there, just waiting to open up and show who you truly are." I took two steps feeling eyes on my tattoo on my back, watching intently for my next move or sound.

"The question is will you let it?" Thought out all of this, I didn't once address Thantos directly, nor look into those green eyes of his.

 I carried on walking towards the door. Suddenly out of nowhere, I felt a strong hand grab my wrist from behind, stopping me from moving.         

The End

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