"Well that went well" Than chimed in.

I couldn't help but grin, even though I was worried about Thantos' temper. I hoped it wouldn't get the better of him before this issue was resolved.

"Ok, so where's the Dark Gods council held?" Primrose spoke.

"It's usually held in Nyx's house mostly. Sometimes, it could be held under the night sky in the forest other times". Than trailed off, seeming to remember something. "But you won't be going." I couldn't help but feel a little relieved.

"Why not, it's because I'm a light Goddess? Because I'm a princess. I'm sorry but I deserve the right to be there." Primrose whined. 

"Primrose, look you can't be there. He's right you don't need to see it."

"We need to hurry Than. Primrose you must be tired." I spoke softly, hypnotically as I turned to lock eyes with Primrose. I hated what I was going to do but she had left me little choice.

"Nyx what are you doing to me?" She  said, her eyes lids drooping.

"Shh, Primrose you need to rest." I said softly  as Primrose became more and more unsteady.

"No I don't, Nyx I need to be ther-"

"Easy Primrose, shh." Than caught her in his arms, hushing her as she finally slipped under. I sighed in relief.

"Shes a strong one Ill giver her that" I whispered walking up to Than and putting my hand on his arm "You did well back there I dont think I have seen Zeus so wary in a long time" He nodded, smiling at me.

"This little one. Can cause so much trouble, but she can also get killed"

We both nodded in agreement. My gaze rested on Primrose a while longer than Than's, remembering someone with a similar face and auburn hair. Someone who had caused just as much trouble as her daughter now was. Someone who had also brought Light and Dark Gods together-with catastrophic effects. 

We walked in silence back home, as Than laid Primrose down to rest, I got the room prepared. Than sat at the head with me, to my right, Thantos at my left as my deputy. He looked pointedly away when Than took my hand.

Once everyone had gathered around the large table, we both stood up to adress them.

"Thank you God's Godesss" Than said meeting everyone's gaze "Thank you for coming at such short notice, but it is an urgent matter. A Light Princess has entered our realm, she seems very comfortable here. However Zeus is not happy about this and attacked. Thantos God of Hell"

There were many hisses around the table as several people looked to Thantos then to me. I nodded to confirm this. Eyes began to glow around the table.

One stood up "The treaty has been broken that means war!" People cheered.

"We do not want what was, Alious, remember what happened last time" I said, my voice calm, the threat clear as the room darkened a little.

Jerrah stood up "You know that she is a risk in this realm. Surely you can remember those days Nyx when we were at war."

I turned my gaze to him, my eyes glowing"You do not need to remind me Jarrah God of Thunder." My tone reminded him of his place.

"It's her choice. Nyx-"

"Than, she it's not safe for here." Thantos said, interrupting. I nodded

 "I know but she has lasted this long here, she's royal meaning she can go anywhere she wants." Than plowed on heedless to the erruption of the rest of the table.

"She will never reach her full power here; in the Light realm her powers are strong." I called out, bringing order back to the room.

"She's a threat to us all where ever she goes." Jarrah chipped in again.

"What are you saying Jarrah?" I again returned my gaze to him, ever the imperious Queen when dealing with him.

"I think you know what I am saying. Get rid of her once and for all." He replied darkly. I felt Than stiffen at my side and the room became very dim as I realised the implication of his words. Nobody spoke. "Just like I did once. Different reasons, but she deserved it." Than and I sat down. I felt a slow kind of anger settle in.

"Beautiful auburn hair, deep green eyes. Yes she was very beautiful right up until the point where I killed her. I will always remember her name a flower, so sweet Al"-

The doors burst open as Primrose charged in a silver dagger in her hand. She went right up to Jerrah as most of the Gods and Goddesses rose in their seats. I ushered them down, though Than, Thantos and I remained standing.

"Primrose what are you doing here?" Than called to her, going down the table to stand nearby when she ignored him.

"Do carry on Jarrah, you were doing so well." she spoke in a deadly sweet tone, the dagger flashing in the low light.

"Alyssum. Who are you?" Jerrah looked wary as Primrose gasped.

"Than tell my mother's murder who I am, although you have just being speaking about me." Primrose's eyes never left Jarrah.

"Jarrah, this is Primrose Skylark Goddess of Nature, Princess of Light Gods and Goddess." 

"Daughter of Zeus God of Gods and Alyssum Skylark former Goddess of Nature. Short version. The daughter who's mother you killed 4 years ago." Jarrah's face fell, growing pale as a number of people around the room hissed, getting to their feet. He had been the root of the last war.

Calm everyone. I ordered them, forcing many to sit again. I earned myself a few resentful glares but they all obeyed.

"Now it is your time to die" Primerose yelled, though Than intervened before the dagger touched Jarrah, who cringed away. The rest of the Gods were getting restless. I watched closely.

"Primerose please listen, you dont want to taint your hands not for him he's not worth it" Than whispered desperately. Primrose narrowed her eyes.

"Thank you for coming but, meeting is cancelled I will call you another time now leave" I let my voice ring out clearly, breaking the atmosphere. There was silence as everyone stalked out. I caught Jarrah's arm.

"Wait Jarrah I would like to speak to you next door" He walked ahead of me, his back stiff. I looked back at Than,"You know what to do"

He nodded in reply and I left him to face Primrose's anger.

Next door was a plain room, kept in almost total darkness. There was one door, four walls and a floor. No windows. Jarrah was waiting in the centre of the room as Thantos looked in.

"Do you need anything?" he said, glancing at Jarrah. I smiled.

"Its okay Thantos. I'll be out in a while." He nodded, closing the door and sealing it.

"Jarrah God of Thunder you have overstepped your place." I said coldly. "Explain yourself."

He shrugged, remaining silent. I grabbed him by the throat with my powers, pinning him to the far wall.

"Explain yourself or be punished anyway." I whispered, knowing he would hear me. Jarrah choked as I loosened the hold slightly, allowing him to talk.

"Alyssum betrayed me." He spat. "There's all the explination you need."

My eyes glowed and Jarrah cried out as my powers pressed on him from all sides, slowly crushing.

"Do not try my patience God of Thunder!" My voice rang with command. "Do not make this any worse for yourself."

I let him fall to the floor. He yelled again as he hit the cold marble. He lay there for a few moments, his breathing harsh. Finally he lifted his head, his eyes glowing white. The ground around me shook as thunder cracked overhead. I sighed in dissappointment. Jarrah screamed in pain as he was thrown back against the wall, my powers crushing him more than before. The thunder abruptly stopped.

"You forget your place Jarrah." I said softly. "And you have consistently worked to undermine me and Than of the Underground. You forget that you powers pale against mine alone, and that I am not one of your sprites to be cowed by a show of supposed strength. I am your Queen and you have not only disobeyed me but you placed this entire realm into danger for your wounded pride!"

"And what of you Queen of the Night? " he replied with extreame difficulty. "You left this realm unprotected for centuries whilst you were exiled. Because you interfered with the Light realm! You placed your personal life over this realm- and we were the ones to bear the cost!" He choked as bones cracked under my powers. I released him and he fell for the second time. This time, he barely raised his head after a fit of coughing.

"Jarrah God of Thunder, I, Queen Nyx of this, the Dark Realm of the Gods, Goddess of the Night and Unseen, High Member of the Council of Gods; hereby remove all of your powers as a Dark God. You are sentenced to spend the rest of your days in exile in the Other. You may not return to the mortal world, nor this one, nor the Light realm on pain of death. You will spend the rest of your life there and you will learn what I endured for this realm. Every bit of pain you inflicted will be returned to you tenfold for the rest of your days there." My voice was cold, deathly soft as a wind blew through the room. Jarrah choked, writhing in pain as his powers left him. "Consider this a just punishment for your crimes." I turned away. "Be gone from this place and never return."

I created a Portal and with a final scream, Jarrah was flung through. The Portal sealed itself closed.

I walked from the room, a white orb in my hand about the size of a volleyball. Than and Primrose were next door. Thantos had been waiting outside. He looked at the orb, then at me, his eyes understanding.

"You did what you had to." He murmured, placing a hand on my shoulder. I nodded.

"It does not mean I have to enjoy it."

I walked in where Than and Primrose were sat in silence.

"The God of Thunder has been banished to the Other, condemned to live out his remaining days suffering all the pain he inflicted ten times over. Should he return to any realm he will vbe put to death. He no longer possesses his godly powers." I announced, indicating the orb.

Perses. I sent the call around the realm. A few minutes later, a youngish looking God appeared, raven-haired, slim, with bright and intelligent blue eyes. He immeadiately bowed.

"Perses, God of Destruction, you do not need to stand on ceremony." I said kindly, as the others watched. Slowly, the youth straightened up.

"I have seen how you so loyally served Thantos God of Hell during my exile." I said, glancing at Thantos, who nodded. "As a reward, I offer you the powers and position of God of Thunder."

He looked at me a moment, wide-eyed. The he bowed again. "I graciously thank you, Queen, however, seeing you restored to your rightful place is reward enough."

"Then consider this a gift." I said, placing the orb in his hands. "Perses, God of Destruction and God of Thunder, 29th Seat in the Council of Dark Gods."

The orb sank into his skin. For a few moments, he glowed white, then returned to normal. He went to his knees.

"Thank you, Queen Nyx of the Night, for your kindness."

"You have nothing to thank me for, as long as you remain as loyal as you have been." I replied, waving him away.

I sat down, tired. Than came to sit next to me, putting his arm around me. I leaned on his shoulder.

"Jarrah really is gone, Primrose." I said quietly. "Though I'm afraid I can;'t let you kill him, he's going to suffer a lot more than you can imagine."

There was silence as everyone attempted to sort their thoughts.


The End

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