Thantos stormed off. we all stood Motionless until I spoke "Well that went well" they both looked at me, Primerose started laughing and Nyx couldnt help but grin at me.

"Ok, so where's the Dark Gods council held?" Primerose finally spoke since I got here.

"It's usually held in Nyx's house mostly. Sometimes, it could be held under the night sky in the forest other times". I trailed off remembering the first time I was in the meeting. "But you won't be going."

"Why not, it's because I'm a light Goddess? Because I'm a princess. I'm sorry but I deserve the right to be there." Primrose whined. 

"Primrose, look you can't be there. He's right you don't need to see it." I repeating Thantos words.

"We need to hurry Than. Primrose you must be tired." Nyx turned to face Primose, her  purple eyes were locked with Primrose. She became unsteady on her feet I. Nyx nodded at me I cafe wrapped my arms around her to keep her from falling.

"Nyx what are you doing to me?"She  said out loud, her eyes lids drooping.

"Shh, Primrose you need to rest." Nyx gentle voice shushed to her.

"No I don't, Nyx I need to be therrrr"- Primerose was truggling against the sleep haze but she wouldnt be able to resist any longer. I sccoped her up in my arms and held as if she was a mere baby.

"Easy Primrose, shh." I voice whispered in her ear. Thenshe  fell into a deep sleep. Nyx sighed with relife.

"Shes a strong one Ill giver her that" Nyx whispered walking up to resting her hand on my arm, trying to comfort me "You did well back there I dont think I have seen Zeus so wary in a long time" I nodded and smiled down at her.

"This little one" I said gazing down at Primerose. "Can cause so much trouble, but she can also get killed" We both nodded in agreement.

We walked in silence back into her house, I went into the room I was sleeping in and lay her gently down. she looked so fragile layig there with her hair swiling around her. I stroked her hair gently. "Sleep well, little one" I murmed before closing the door behind me.

Once everyone had gathered around the large table, Nyx and I at the head of the table. We both stood up to adress them. "Thank you God's Godesss" I said meeting everyone's gaze "Thank you for coming at such short notice, butt it is an urgent matter. A light Princess has entered our realm, she seems very comfortable here. However Zues is not happy about this and attacked. Thantos God of Hell"

There was many hisses around the table.

One stood up "The treaty has been broken that means war" People cheered.

"We do not want was Alious, remeber what happened last time" Nyx spoke calmly but every one knew about the threat behind it.

Jerrah stood up stood up "You know that she is a risk in this realm. Surly you can remember those days Nyx when we were at war."

Nyx glared at him"You do not need to remind me Jarrah God of thunder."Her voice full of commanded

"It's her choice. Nyx"-

"Than, she it's not safe for here." Thantos said interrupting me

 "I know but she has lasted this long here, she's royal meaning she can go anywhere she wants." I carried  on.

"She will never reach her full power here; in the Light realm her powers are strong." Nyx told them.

"She's a threat to us all where ever she goes." Jarrah voice chipped in again.

"What are you saying Jarrah?" Nyx questioned.

"I think you know what I am saying. Get rid of her once and for all." He said darkly my body went stiff and then I knew why his name was important. Nobody spoke. "Just like I did once. Different reasons, but she deserved it." I was very intrigied at this point Nyx and I sat back down.

"Beautiful auburn hair, deep green eyes. Yes she was very beautiful right up until the point where I killed her. I will always remember her name a flower, so sweet Al"-

The doors threw open, Prime rose looked angry her eyes were glowing slightly, her hair billowing around her, with a silther dagger in her hand.

"Primrose what are you doing here?" I stood up calling to her. Butshe  didn't answer, instead I made my way to Jarrah. Thantos and Nyx rose in there sits.

"Do carry on Jarrah, you were doing so well." she spoke  sweetly told him playing with the dagger in her hands like before.

"Alyssum. Who are you?"she gasped could he really be saying this?

"Than tell my mother murder who I am, although you have just being speaking about me." she spoke to me, but not taking my eyes off Jarrah.

"Jarrah, this is Primrose Skylark Goddess of Nature, Princess of Light God and Goddess." I  informed him.

"Daughter of Zeus God of Gods and Alyssum Skylark former Goddess of Nature." His face fell at once, he looked over her then. "Short version. The daughter who's mother you killed 4 years ago."

We all gasped and glared at him, he was the one who started the last war. People hissed at him.

"Now it is your time to die" Primerose screched. I leaped over the table. I ran to her side, grabbed over her wrist befefore the daggerc could penertrate his skin.

"Primerose please listen, you dont want to taint your hands not for him he's not worth it" I whispered.

"Thank you for coming but, meeting is cancelled I will call you another time now leave" Nyx voiced boomed around the room. Everyone stalked out"

"Wait Jarrah I would like to speack to you next door" they walked out. Nyx look back at me "you know what to do" I nodded.

"arhhhh I hate you" primerose screamed at me. her tears spilling over. "I had my chance, he killed my mother. AND YOU STOPPED ME"

"Then come one The Princess take your anger out on me" I said back and she did. a gust a wind ttried to puch me but I blocked. I threw her a sword from off the wall and I tok the other one.

"Lets fight this way its much more fun" I grinned and she glared at me. She ran forward and went to strike me, but I counter blocked it. For what seems like hourse thats what we did lunged at eachother and blocked.

After a while she fell to her knees and sobbed. I kneeled down infront of her. "I know how you feel, I lost my one true love, when I was human she was a priestess at a temple of Nyx, she helped me heal after my farther had the crsent moon burned on my back for worshiping Nyx. The God of the Underground came and destroyed the temple. She died protecting it. I duelled the God in sword fighting and won. I did not know if I killed him  would take his place"

I paused and looked at her she was listening and tears stopped streaming down her face. "Please think about your actions, do no strike out in rage and anger. you and Nyx are very much like My Elizabeth. she was pure hearted, strong willed, and could be deadly. She loved nature and would do anything to help anyone. But she was faithful to her Goddess, and for that Nyx was faithful to her"

We both sat in silence both thinking about the loved ones we had lost, how I wished I could see her dace one last time

The End

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