His grip was hard on my arm as he dragged me away from Thantos, Nyx and Than came rushing out. Nyx was at Thantos side where as Than was at mine. I could feel Than power as he spoke, my father grip loosened, Thantos eyes were glaring at me.

"Coursing some trouble princess?" I gasped at hearing Azkaban voice in my head.

"What are you doing?" I thought back shocked.

"What did you really think that I was going to leave you alone?" He replied. Than was specking but my mind was else where, then he turned to me. I tired to speak, shout if I could, but the words wouldn't come out. I only heard the last part of what he was saying; something along the lines of ‘do you wish to leave?' I wanted to speak but I couldn't I just nodded in agreement.

Thantos was glaring at me anger filled his face.

"Do you want to know what he's feeling?" Azkaban asked.

"I want nothing from you!"

"I'll tell you anyway. "She had come on to me, yet not once did the Light Princess raise her voice. It showed her true colours". Azkaban informed me. I gasped out in shock. Dam you Azkaban! If only he wasn't here, I would have stood up for myself. I would have spoke in fury to my father for hurt Thantos. For coming back to the dark realm and breaching the truce of the agreement between the realms.  

I remembered learning about it when I was young and now history was repeating it self. It was then when I finally noticed that they were all looking at me, I couldn't feel Azkaban presents in me anymore.

 "Its time to call the Dark Gods together." Nyx said, calmly still looking at me. "They must know."

"I will come." Thantos voice was filled with anger. "But she cannot." He pointed straight at me with his finger. Cerberus let out a ferocious growling bark from his master order. "This is not something she needs to see." And with that said he stormed off.

Nyx, Than and I just stood motionless, Than finally broke the silence. "Well that went well." I looked at him and suddenly heard myself laughing, Nyx couldn't help but smile.

"Ok, so where's the Dark Gods council held?" I asked.

"It's usually held in Nyx's house mostly. Sometimes, it could be held under the night sky in the forest other times". Than trailed off remembering something important. "But you won't be going."

"Why not, it's because I'm a light Goddess? Because I'm a princess. I'm sorry but I deserve the right to be there." I told them. 

"Primrose, look you can't be there. He's right you don't need to see it." Than repeating Thantos words.

"We need to hurry Than. Primrose you must be tired." Nyx turned to face me her purple eyes were locked with my own. I felt unsteady on my feet I was swaying. Nyx nodded to Than who arms crept around me.

"Nyx what are you doing to me?" I said out loud my vision fading.

"Shh, Primrose you need to rest." Nyx gentle voice shushed me.

"No I don't, Nyx I need to be therrrr"-

Then I was fighting with the grey haze, I needed to be there. Not because of what happened but something else. I could feel a connection with one of the Dark Gods that would be at the meeting. I couldn't work it out. I struggled to get free.

"Easy Primrose, shh." Than voice whispered in my ear. Then I fell into a blackness sleep.


My auburn hair as soft and silk blow, behind me as I ran though the forest. I was running out in fear, and it had been such a normal day. I meet with the Light council and talked about my daughter taking over my position. Then I made my way though the forest, seeing to the nature.

I already knew that my daughter could full fill her title; she had her own special gifts as well as my own. She was still a young Goddess but she could do it.

"Alyssum." My precursor called after me. I turned to face him, his dark golden hair and dark brown eyes looking at me. "Do you know what you have done to me?"

"I. I had to. We couldn't. You know that light and dark gods can't mix." I replied in shacking voice.  

He drew out his sword and step towards me. "You broke my heart Alyssum. And now I'm going to break yours."

 "Don't do this, you can't kill me. Please Jarrah, don't."

"Alyssum Skylark, you are nothing to me now." His voice was deadly and his eyes glowed black.

"My daughter. No please, Jarrah don't she needs me."

"Yes true. I'm sure Zeus will tell her everything. Soon the truth."

"Jarrah!" But it was too late; his sword went straight into my chest, leaving me bleeding. "Primrose..."


I woke up screaming, I couldn't breathe. Sweat was making my hair cling to my face and tears were pouring from my eyes. I was curled up in a tight ball fighting to gain control of my body. My whole life was filled up with lies.

They never told me how my mother had died. They said an animal attacked her, but I didn't believe them. She was the Goddess of Nature for crying out loud! I did finally gain some control, I went in the bathroom and headed for the shower. The water felt nice against my skin but it could wash away my dream.

Wrapped in a towel I went back in the room and found a thin strap dark purple dress. It was long I found the sliver dagger that I took from Azkaban and cut the hem. It went out at the sides and came to the top of my calf showing a lot of leg. I ran the brush though my hair leaving it down and went downstairs. I could hear the voices from the meeting. I went over to the closed doors and listened to what was happening.

"You know that she is a risk in this realm. Surly you can remember those days Nyx when we were at war." One voice was more dominant over the others.

"You do not need to remind me Jarrah God of thunder." Nyx voice full of commanded

Jarrah? That name why was this important?

"It's her choice. Nyx"-

"Than, she it's not safe for here." Thantos said interrupting Than.

 "I know but she has lasted this long here, she's royal meaning she can go anywhere she wants." Than carried on.

"She will never reach her full power here; in the Light realm her powers are strong." Nyx told them.

"She's a threat to us all where ever she goes." Jarrah voice chipped in again.

"What are you saying Jarrah?" Nyx questioned.

"I think you know what I am saying. Get rid of her once and for all." He said darkly my body went stiff and then I knew why his name was important. Nobody spoke. "Just like I did once. Different reasons, but she deserved it."

I couldn't stand this anymore I could feel something in me that I never felt before. Anger, pain and vengeance. He killed my mother.

"Beautiful auburn hair, deep green eyes. Yes she was very beautiful right up until the point where I killed her. I will always remember her name a flower, so sweet Al"-

That when I burst though the doors and with the sliver dagger in my hand. Jarrah turned to face me.

"Primrose what are you doing here?" Than called to me. But I didn't answer him instead I made my way to Jarrah. Thantos and Nyx rose in there sits.

"Do carry on Jarrah, you were doing so well." I sweetly told him playing with the dagger in my hands like before.

"Alyssum. Who are you?" I gasped could he really be saying this?

"Than tell my mother murder who I am, although you have just being speaking about me." Not taking my eyes off Jarrah.

"Jarrah, this is Primrose Skylark Goddess of Nature, Princess of Light God and Goddess." Than informed him.

"Daughter of Zeus God of Gods and Alyssum Skylark former Goddess of Nature." His face fell at once, he looked over me then. "Short version. The daughter who's mother you killed 4 years ago."     

The End

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