Whilst everyone was worrying about Primrose, I wandered through the Gates, where I knew I would be alone. Though I knew what had happened between me and Nyx was not something unusual, I was sad.  I hadn't planned on ending up alone. The ease at which she had fallen with Than stung a little. Though I understood.

"The Queen of Night was not Fated for you Thantos of Hell. She belongs to the unity of the Dark realm in war. You belong to another. You know this in your heart, Thantos of Hell. You will hear from us again."

Those damned Fates' words echoed in my ear. Destiny did not heal a wounded heart. Though I was a lot calmer, I had drifted to the Ninth Gate. Howls of the damned increased as I drew near. Here, the land was volcanic, the air burning and sulphur-laden. I however, was immune.

"Cut it out you lot." I muttered waving a hand carelessly. The howls screamed once then went silent. Here, there was no one more powerful, except maybe Nyx. But she wouldn't...

The dark, blasted terrain was hard to navigate unless you knew how. I made my way back through the Gates, wanting the cool air. Whilst Nyx had been gone, a weak sun had shone in the sky, casting a sickly glow over everything, but now, the cool moon cast a clean sheen over the land, making it beautiful again. It was something I had missed. I spent some time with Cerberus, who butted my back playfully as I left Hell for a while. I meandered through the grounds of Nyx's house, calm. Drawing close to the house, a figure burst out through the doors, proceeded by a spike in power I had come to associate with Nyx, though it was alien.

"Primrose? Is that you?" I called, recognising the blonde hair. I looked her up and down, she looked like Nyx.

"Of course it's me Thantos, who else would it be?"

"Sorry forgive me. From the back there you looked like someone else. But with different hair." I didn't look away, feeling almost angry.


"Nyx." I replied, quietly. "I could feel the energy from the power close by. Some naturally I thought it was Nyx."         

"No it was me. Ever since I accepted my title I've suddenly became stronger. Now that the dark realm responds to me, I can feel the power that it holds." I didn't like that. Though I knew Nyx and probably Than could do something similar-as could I, in the Light realm, it felt like she wa getting too powerful too fast. I felt ill at ease.

"So can I ask why you were using your new power?" I half-smiled, an idea forming in my mind.

"I made Than fly though the air and he hit the wall." Primrose admitted ruefully. I grinned as she stepped forward.

Stop.. Thantos. You don't want this. I ignored the warning in my head.


"Yes really." She was small, petite. A Light Goddess. Forbidden. Suddenly, I wanted something to happen. To cause Chaos as was my natural wont. Thantos means chaos afterall-in a long-forgotten language of the Dark Gods. I let her draw closer, almost touching. She seemed to be falling into my eyes, her breath brushing my skin. I let a smile play over my lips. As she reached up to touch me, I stepped back at the last second.

She looked down abruptly, though still fairly close. A faint blush appeared over her cheeks. A Light Goddess. Forbidden. The idea of tormenting her didn't seem too appealing anymore. A friend. She was too different, too good for this realm.

"Primrose. You should go home." I said gruffly, looking away from her hurt expression. "This realm-its not good for you. Nyx and Than, they rule here and I am basically their deputy. We belong here. Even if Zeus took all the Light rulers and came here, we would drive them back. You-you're a Light Princess. You belong with Apollo, Zeus and Hera. Not us." I took a handfull of her black dress, pulling her really close, holding her eyes in a glare. "And you belong in white. Black is the wear of the Dark Ones alone, the Light ones garb in white for their name of Light." I dropped her, though she didn't back away. "You're a friend. But the longer you stay, the more danger there is. For all of us."

Primrose stepped forward, putting her hand on my cheek. I made to pull away as she opened her mouth to speak. Suddenly, I felt a huge impact to my midriff and I went flying backwards.


The show of Dark powers began as Than appeared by Primrose. His cloak was blowing around him and his eyes glowing a deeper than ever before. Nyx appeared by my side, helping me up. I glared at Primrose, who looked away guiltily.

Throughout the conflict, I didn't break the glare once. And at no point did she raise her voice to defend me. My anger flared. She had come on to me, yet not once did the Light Princess raise her voice. It showed her true colours. When Nyx spoke of the Agreement, Cerberus howled.

"I will come." I said, once Nyx had outlined the plan for a Dark Council. "But she cannot." I pointed my finger at her. Cerberus let out a ferocious growling bark to underline my point. "This is not something she needs to see."

With my anger seething, I turned to walk away.

The End

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