I watched at Than flew across the room, stunned at Primrose's power. Though I knew at full strength, Than and I would both be stronger, it suprised me to see that Primrose, who had seemed so weak, could in fact turn into a threat to us. As she swept out of the room, I went over to Than, who was lying in a crumpled heap, stunned and deeply unhappy. I felt edgy, uncomfortable. I wondered where Thantos had gone. Than pulled me onto his lap, stroking my hair, as much to calm himself as to soothe me. We sat in silent thought for a while, then Zeus appeared.

I leapt up, fury in every line of my body and hissed. The sky began to boil and the shadows crackled a little. I was giving him a little show of strength though it was really a show. My true power always stayed sheilded. Than stood a second after me, his eyes glowing a deep crimson.

 "Zeus you have no right to be here" He growled impressively. Zeus bowed deeply as I remained silent.

"I see you have both finally seen you two are meant to be, but Im not here for that reason. I am for your decision and my daughter-I sensed her power"

Than looked down at me, reading the tension in my features.

 " I will accept the offer but I  will be staying  here with Nyx and you daughter just stormed out, she has a very fiery temper" Than refused to break eye contact with me as I felt a feirce kind of happiness, like summer lightening between us. Zeus left silently. As soon as we were alone, I threw my arms over Than, incredibly happy. He put his arms around me, holding me close.

 "I can't believe you choose to stay here" I murmured. He pulled me even closer to whisper in my ear "Of course because this is the place I finally belong" As though in response to his words, there was an almighty bang from outside. We ran outside to be confronted with the sight of Thantos crumpled on the ground. Primrose was being held by the upper arm, in the iron grip of an irate Zeus. I ran to Thantos' side as Zeus screamed. "STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER"

The show of Dakr powers began as Than appeared by Primrose. His cloak was blowing around him and his eyes glowing a deeper than ever before.

"Zeus God of Gods" his voice echoed, making the trees tremble. "How Dare you attack one of MY People as the Dark God of Gods I demand an awnser Why did you hurt Thantos God of Hell?"

Zeus, for the first time in a long time stepped back, looking wary.

 "Because he was near my daughter. Light and Dark do not mix. I am taking my daughter home" he said through gritted teeth. Thantos stood, not looking at me fully. I stayed by his side, but turned to face Zeus. energy began to crackle across the area, and balck lightening flickered across the sky. A cold kind of fury overtook me. Yet again, Zeus had invaded my home.

Than turned Primrose "Primrose Skylark Goddess of  Nature, Princess of Light Gods- Do you wish to leave?" She shook her head, and Than turned to Zeus "NOW LEAVE!"

A Portal opened and a gust of wind shoved Zeus through in a highly undignified manner.

Than turned to look at Primrose and Thantos. "And you two have some explaining to do.." He muttered darkly. I felt Thantos sudder slightly at my side and softly, Cerberus howled. Silence stretched, the grounds became still as the powers subsided.

"Than, I think we can guess what happened." I said softly. "And personally, I don't think Primrose has to answer to us-and Thantos does not have to answer to me." I noticed Thantos' head shoot up. "I would never claim my right as Queen over my best friend." I was talking quietly, my thoughts elsewhere. My anger was still burning bright and cold. I was about to leave them to talk, needing some space to think. A Portal began to open. Insantly, I gathered power around me.

"I come bearing a message." Apollo was as cold, arrogant and disinterested as ever.

"Get out." I replied coldly.

"Zeus wishes to speak with King Than and Queen Nyx." He said, ignoring me though looking very uncomfortable as Than stepped forward, his eyes glowing. "That is all."

I opened a Portal. "Tell Zeus we are not minions to be summoned. Any further intrusion by any Light Gods will be taken as breach of the Agreement and action shall be taken accordingly." Using my powers, I threw Apollo through the Portal without letting him reply.

" 'action'?" Than looked at me in confusion.

" A long time ago, there was a war between the realms. A lot was destoryed, both realms were left destolate and smoking. Both sides suffered terribly. Hell was in chaos from all the Gods and Goddesses arriving at the Ninth Gate. " Thantos nodded, remembering. "The original Light and Dark monarchs set down an Agreement to end the fighting. Any hostile action taken in the other's realm is forbidden. The monarchs are equal in all matters and the High Council was formed to prevent another war. Any breach of this can be taken as an act of war on the other realm." I replied. "Basically, if Zeus appears again, he'll start a war between the realms."

There was a stoney silence. Slowly, all the Dark Gods' eyes came to rest on Primrose. That girl could start a war between the realms.

"Its time to call the Dark Gods together." I said, calmly. "They must know."

The End

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