I sat on the floor staring after her, what had happened to her when she was taken away she was pushing me away it was killing me inside. Her powers had grown put still she wasnt at her strongest in this realm. Seeing her wear a black dress her blonde her seem to sparkle.

She hated me more than I thought she could be capable of. I was just staring at the door she had walked out of. Why did I feel like I had just been stabbed? Nyx came and put her hand on my shoulder, I pulled so she was sitting on my lap again. we sat there in silence both deep in thought. I was stroking her hair when Zeus appeared in front of us.

Nyx jumped up ans hissed at him, I stood and stood next to her "Zues you have no right to be here" I groweld at him my eyes glowing a deep red. Zeus bowed to us.

"I see you have both finally seen you two are meant to be, but Im not here for that reason. I am for your decision and my daughter I sensed her power"

I looked down at Nyx anxious face " I will accept the offer but I  will be staying  here with Nyx and you daughter just stormed out, she has a very fiery temper" I said still staring in Nyx's eyes" I heard him leave the room.

Nyx threw her arms around me I hugged her back "I cant belive you choose to stay here" I held her close to me.

"Of course because this is the place I finnaly belong" just as I whispered chose words into her ear we heard a bang. We ran outside.  Zues was glaring and Thantis cumpeled form on the floor.

"STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER" I heard him scream Prime was glaring at him her hai and dress floating around her. Nyx ran to Thantos's side helping him sit up.

In this realm I was stronger than Zues. I apeared my Primeroses. I finally let everony feel the full extant of my power. I heared Primerose gasp along withe everony else. My cloak was blowing around me and my eyes glowing a deeper than ever before.

"Zues God of Gods" my voice boomed shaking the trees around us " How Dare you attack one of MY People as the Dark God of Gods I demmaned an awnser Why did you hurt Thantos God of Hell?"

Zues stepped back looking very shocked I had never used my whole power infront of anyone before but anger got the better of me. "Because she was near my daughter Light and Dark do not mix I am taking my daughter home" he said threw his teeth.

I turned Primsore "Primerose skylark Goddess of  nature, Princess of light Gods Do you wish to leave?" She shook her head, I turned to Zeus "NOW LEAVE" I opened a portal I made a gus of wind that made him stumble threw it.

I turned and looked at Primerose then Thantose "and you two have some explaining to do" I said darly and watched Thantos shudder slightly. Now this was going to different I thought to my-self

The End

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