"I told you I can't remember." I sighed in frustration; this was getting on my nerves now.

"Are you sure? So why did he take you? This doesn't make a sense." Than replied.

"Did he do something to you?" Nyx asked.

"He taught me to fight I guess. He was some sort of a spirit but I don't know." Than and Nyx were both looking at each other with the same expression. Than was sat next to me, Nyx was standing up facing him. The way that they were looking at each other, it was just strange. Their eyes were locked, unmoving.

"I don't know why you even bothered." I told them getting up and walking away.

"Primrose, take it easy." Than said looking at me.

"You need to sort your priorities out Than. Which Goddess? You just want information of me. Well I'm sorry to disappoint you. Whatever the information was, I think it was bad. In fact really bad for you!"

They didn't move, but they were paying attention.

"He must have done something to you Primrose. We have to find out." Nyx sounded determined about the last part.

"Yer well, all I can remember that it was something really bad about Than. Something bad was going to happen to him." I turned to face the door when Than stopped me, touching my shoulder.

"Wait." He whispered.

"For what Than? To stay here? Or for you to make your mind up?" His griped tightened on my shoulder. I turned to face him not making eye contact, thinking in my mind what I wanted to happen. My golden eyes locked with his, and then he went flying across then room hitting the wall. Confusion, pain and hurt crossed his face as he looked at me. I opened the door and walked though the door.

It felt good to be outside, like I was home even if I was in a dark realm. The twilight sky was beautiful, I was getting used to it and I liked it.

"Primrose?" I heard my name being called I looked round to see a tall figure with messy black hair and green eyes that were staring at me up and down. "Is that you?"

"Of course it's me Thantos, who else would it be?" I questioned.

"Sorry forgive me. From the back there you looked like someone else. But with different hair." He answered still looking at me.

"Who?" I wondered.

"Nyx." He replied in a smaller voice. "I could feel the energy from the power close by. Some naturally I thought it was Nyx." He admitted.        

"No it was me. Ever since I accepted my title I've suddenly became stronger. Now that the dark realm responds to me, I can feel the power that it holds." I explained.

"So can I ask why you were using your new power?" He half smiled taking a step towards me. I smiled evilly knowing that he was going to like this.

"I made Than fly though the air and he hit the wall." I confessed stepping closer to Thantos, Thantos smiled a full smile which lit up his face.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yes really." My head came up to his shoulders, I looked up to see him smiling down at me, and I felt as if I was melting into those green eyes. We were soo close to each other; only the sound of our hearts beating, our breath on each other exposed skin. 



The End

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