What would he want from me? What could I give to him? Those two questions kept buzzing around my head, as well as; how come he never told me, that he was my father? Zeus. King of all Gods and Goddess. Why didn't he tell me that I was his daughter, all these years? So by rights that made me a princess. Princess Primrose Skylark? It didn't sound right. I was pacing across the room lost in thought.

"Princess Primrose Skylark. No it can't. It doesn't sound right." I said again and again.

"Try, Primrose Skylark, Goddess of Nature, princes of Gods and Goddess. Wow that does sound kind of scary doesn't it?" Azkaban voice came out of no-where. I gasped turned round to see Azkaban right next to me.

"Hello." He said and smiled.

"Done your dirty work then?" I guessed

"By dirty work I'm guessing you mean your ripped dress?" He raised his eyebrows.

"You guessed right. Did you? Did you see them?" I asked.

 "Your friends?" He wondered I glared at him, Azkaban smiled. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Now how are you on one-to-ones?"

The question was completely off the subject and caught me off guard for a moment.

"I mean, with out using your powers." He added.

"No but what has this got anyth"-

"Right we're start now." Before I could even protest Azkaban was showing and talking me though some movement. Then he wanted me copy, we were then head on with each other. I was a quick learner we would break then lung for each other. We both hissed at each other when we were stuck, the broken furniture was even more in pieces.

We we're both at it for hours, I hated to admit it to myself. But he was a good teacher. We called it quits for now making it a dual.

"Impressive. Much as I hate to admit it". Azkaban said handing me a glass of water.

"Thanks. I feel as if I knew what I was doing. I feel I don't know." I took a slip of the water, then dunked deeper as soon as the clear crisp water touched my lips.

"You've had the skills all you life, just never really used them. Royal blood, it's strong and so are you. If you were a normal Goddess then you wouldn't have lasted as long here in the dark realm. You would have downed in the river." Azkaban explained.

"So I'm the lucky one?"

"Yes, because you're pure blood princes, the power and strength runs in your veins. You survive longer then any or God or Goddess." He took my empty glass away into the kitchen; I followed him looking at the glass window. "You will stay young and beautiful."  Azkaban appeared in front of me, his hand touched my face.

"You still haven't told me. What is it you want from me?" I asked

"Rule the dark and light realm. Have all the Gods and Goddess at my command." He simply said. I gasped.

"Why? Actually, where do I fall into this?"

"Well, I was thinking of taking over the dark realm first. But I would have to remove someone." I was looking in his eyes, but he was serious.  Nyx. She was queen and held so much power it would only seem right. And he wanted her dead.

"Can you think of that person. Primrose, someone your close to."

"How, why remove her. She doesn't deserve to die. You can't. I won't let you!" I shouted in his face. I liked Nyx and no-way was I going to let him touch her.

"How caring of you to think of her. But no not her." He smiled. "I need her anyway. Well to play with her head anyway."

"What do you want me to do?" I whispered.

"I want you to kill him." His voice grows darker as he spoke, he move closer to me.

"Who?" But deep down I already knew the answer to that.

"Than." He said in my ear. My heart fell, and I went cold. "I want you to kill Than God of the Underground. In cold hearted blood."

"No you can't make me. No Azkaban. They are going to find me and when they do. They'll kill you. If they don't then I will." I promised.

"What you going to tell them? That I planned to have you kill Than, also my plans. Ha, if they do find you. Then I'll make sure I inject this." He pulled out a syringe with purple liquid in it. "You won't remember anything about my plans. Taking over or killing Than."

I stared at the purple liquid feeling colder and colder. "I won't tell them. Just let me go."


I moved fast heading for the glass window, I grabbed the wooden chair and smashed it though the window. The glass was everywhere, some still in the window as I jumped though. My hand were bleeding, Azkaban walk close behind me. I ran into the trees, calling for nature. It didn't respond. I stopped wondering why the tree weren't picking me up and attacking Azkaban.

"Remember where you are little Goddess. They don't work for just anybody." Azkaban called out.

‘Send a message to Than, help, stop him. I need to warn him please.' But still nothing. I heard Azkaban laugh, I turned to face him. I hissed then lung myself at him. It was fiercer then before, I needed a weapon. My eyes caught sight of a sliver dagger, I manage to snatch it. We backed away, walking in a circle eyes locked with each other. Azkaban was in a good position for a tree to grab him.

"Nature of the dark realm, I command you to obey me. Now and for always. As a Goddess of Nature and princes of all God and Goddess, you will follow my orders." As I said the words out loud I could feel the power rise in me. The wind picked up, leaves and flowers followed around my body, my hair whipped around me. Azkaban face was surprised. He came for me again; I pointed the dagger at him. He stopped smiled. "Finally accepting you true title?"

I wasn't listening I was too busy concentrating on the trees. They finally obeyed, the branches came down and they wrapped around Azkaban. I went over to him playing with the dagger in my hands.

"Don't you dare come near me or my friends again." My voice was hard and full of power. "Ever."

"Or what, your set you boyfriend on me. Sweetheart he's nothing. I could snap him in two."

I pulled his hood down and yanked on his hair, pulling his head back, the dagger at his throat. "If you ever touch them, I will personally kill you."

"Do you need a hand, light Goddess?" A seedy voice suddenly interrupted me.

"I think she got it. I think black suites her." Another voice said.

"Princes of darkness hey Alice?"

"Hmm yer I like it. But her blood total mix Alex won't be as good as Than's."

"Will you shut up!"  I ordered them both, again feeling the power around me.

I turned back to Azkaban who was just watching me smiling. Then he managed to get a hand free, he grabbed me by the throat pulling me to his mouth.

"You will not order me around, princes. You will forget my plans, no matter what happens." The syringe went straight into my arm, I cried out in pain. "See you soon little Goddess." Azkaban disappeared.

I fell to the ground still holding the dagger in my hand. Two figures clouded my vision. After a few minutes I woke being carried.

"Put me down!" I cried to the two figures. They did, I stood up feeling the pain in my neck.

"How did you find me?" I asked the hood demons I think they were.

"Than sent us. He was pretty worried." Alice I think it was told me walking away.

"I don't believe it. He's all hocked up on Nyx." I muttered they must have heard me because they looked back at me.

"Come on dark princes we haven't got all day." Alex the other one said when I wasn't following them. I sighed then I followed them.

"Erm why dark princes?" I questioned. They looked at each other then at me, it was kind of freaky.

"You really didn't see how much power you had back there did you?" Alex replied.

"I wasn't really paying attention." I answered.

"Didn't you feel it though?" Alice asked.

"I guess so, what this." I closed my eyes feeling the power again; my necklace seemed to burn on my skin with power too. I could feel my black dress moving behind me, my long light blonde crinkled hair moving to. I snapped my golden eyes open to find Than staring straight at me, I couldn't read his farcical expression at all. I smiled at him, a full smile and a little laugh escaped my lips.       



The End

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