I had hardly slept last night I was worried that Primeose could be in serious trouble, and the fact she was a light godess and a princess. How could I have not sensed who she was? But I was worried about Nyx the kiss was intense and I still could feel her to lips on mine.

I snsed she was awake and walked into her room, I looked around and she was no where to be seen.  I panicked a little had something bad happened to her? Had she gone to find Primerose by her-self? The I noticed the cutains were blowig I walked over and Nyx on the balcany.

"Nyx" I said softly, She spun around she was wearing her dress held up and a golden robe held by her symble. She looked sad and guilty, it killed my slightly in side to see her like this. Before I knew what I was doing I was cradling her against my chest.

"Im sorry Than Im just, I feel guilty" I hushed beforoe she carried on this was my fault she was feeeling guilty I kissed her and now it was hurting her because it would hurt Thantos.

"Dont be nyx if theres anyone to blame it would be me I would love to carry this one but we really eed to fine Primerose I can sense something bad has happened"

she nodded I offer my arm and she linked it grinning up at me that made my heart jump a little. I set into action using some of the blood I traced her smell. We were walking down the bank I noticed a pile of purple cloth. We both gasped no it couldnt be.

We ran over to it and Piced it up it was her dress in shreds covered in blood, her blood. I leant down infront of it. My stomcah churned and I suddenly felt dizzy. I screamed "Damn you Zeus" then I sat there staring at the clothes in my hands. If he hadnt of turned up she would be here alive.

Nyx put her hand on my shoulder tryng to soothe me. "Its ok Than she could be alice some where theres no body she just have been carried away by the stream" I stood up finally realising what this was. I started pacing slightly.

"Your right Nyx God you are soo right, this seems too easy you know what I mean ooh a light Godess gets lost here we all know she would die eventualy. But she is not any normal Goddess she is a Princes. so she would survive longer. But where is shee someone must have her" I stood dead in my spot in hissed.

I knew who would have her Azkaban. "Double A twins I summon you here Now!" I shouted and Nyx looked at me confused. slowly they both appeard in front of me.

"Yes master you called us" Alic said sweetly as always. and Alex just snorted in disjust. I glared at him and he fell silent.

"Yes I did I need to too Track this geddess down with her blood. Please now she could be in big trouble if Azkaban has his hands on her." They bothed hissed thay hated him as muchas I did.

"Yes master but fist payment time this time both of us your litle godess is hard work and we need our stragnths" Alice said and I knew whe would be grinning. I took dagger out I didnt was to put my blood with primrose's. I put two smalll cuts on my wrists and put them out. The twins grabbed and drank deeply untill the cuts had healed.

"Now go The pair of you" I demanded, they both bowed and dissapeared. Hopefull they would be in time to save her from him.

The End

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