Sitting with Than somehow felt right. After a Thantos left, I finally felt I could meet his eyes. He brushed the hair from my eyes softly, moving with more care than I had ever seen him.

"You would want me here to stay here in this realm with you" He whispered, subtly moving closer.  "Yes Than, Yes I do."I whispered in reply, we so close, barely touching.  Than leaned closer,  brushing his lips softly over mine. The electric thrill that had run through us earlier returned, stronger. Instinctivly, I pulled him closer, not breaking the kiss as Than deepend it, his incredibly strong arms holding me. We eventually pulled away, breathless and leaned our foreheads together. Than met my eyes, his crimson eyes burning. "I'll stay here in the Dark realm not because I like it here but for you" he whispered in my ear, his cool breath sending a shiver down my spine. I couldn't look away from him and I just wanted to stay with him. It felt so natural. I laid my head on his chest, suddenly drained of energy. After a moment, he picked me up in his arms, suprising me. Than carried me carefully my room, laying me gently on my bed. I resisted the urge to cling onto him. He kissed me on the forehead.  "Sleep tight Night" He said, calling me by the nickname he had for me as a human. He smiled at me and I returned it sleepily."Once we have slapt well we will go look for her, I saw her blood of scythe" I yawned, letting my eyelids slide shut. I smiled as I heard Than slip out of the room. I dreamed of crimson eyes.. but in my dreams, Thantos was there, looking at me with wounded eyes and I felt a bolt of guilt, waking up suddenly. It was still dark and I got out of bed, padding in barefeet to the balcony to look out over the grounds. I loved the way the cool night lay over my exposed skin as I wore only my dress, tied with a silver rope pinned with my symbol. I looked out over the grounds, enjoying the peace."Nyx?"
The End

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