I woke up coughing in my sore throat, I was barely concisions. My eyes felt too heavily to open and see where I was. I could feel heat off a fire close to me. I tried to move slightly but it hurt too much, I was lying on something. It wasn't a bed it felt more like a thick rug. Then I heard the sound of a door opening and closing shut, then someone walking towards me. I could smell the earth around them, the rain socked in their clothes. They were kneeing next to me, their hands went over my fore head, then tracing their finger down my neck. I felt myself shiver under there cold touch on my skin.

They began work on my broken body, cleaning up my wounds, ripping my dress even more.

"Uh, ah.Uh."

"Shh, you're safe now." His deep voice told me, a dark chuckle came out of mouth.  I didn't feel safe, not with him. Who was he anyway? A dark god? Or worse? I tried not to think about it too much he placed a blanket over my semi covered body. I could sense that he was still at my side, breathing deeply, his hand suddenly took hold of my necklace. He played with it in fingers.

"Now this has just got a little more interesting. Gold, royalty blood, I've done well here." He chuckled again dropping my necklace. He got up and went out another door. I thought he gone when I heard the door open again, I caught a scent of something else but only faintly. He was by side again; the scent seemed stronger now that it was closer to me. Then I felt something sharp go into my arm, the liquid flowed into my system.   

My eyes blinked but everything was burry. "Ahh". His hand covered my mouth stopping me from screaming out. The world felt heavily again and so did my eyes.  


My eyes blinked open reviling where I was. The room was big not a lot of furniture, mostly broken, it looked old abandoned. The fire was still roaring red, orange and yellow flames heating the room. The windows were blocked out, but I could hear the rain thundering outside. I sensed that I was alone here, but for how long? Where had that man gone? I sat up, holding the black cotton blanket around me. My dress was ruined; thankfully my underwear was still intact. A small smile went across my face. My long hair was dry and back to its normal light blonde crinkliness, no purple flowers though.

"Finally awake then?" I gasped looking to find the voice. But I couldn't see anyone. Strange? I heard him laugh in his mouth. I managed to get up, holding the black cotton blanket around me.

"Recovered well, good little light goddess." His voice told me. I hissed in response.

"Who are you?" I snarled to the empty room. "Hello?" Nothing. I must be imagining things, what ever that liquid was. I went carefully went over to the door. A cool breeze went over my body but I ignored it trying to unlock the door. Strong hands suddenly grabbed me; my back was up against the wall.

"Going so soon? You haven't even thanked me yet. How rude." I was looking into very dark brown eyes. He had thick hair that was style in messy spikes, high cheek bones with pale white skin. He was dressed in dark blue with some sliver swills up his cloak, his hood was down. I looked down and seen what was holding his cloak; it was a oval with a strange symbol on it.

"Let me go." I said though my teeth, struggling to get free. He smiled showing straight white teeth.

"Can't do that little light goddess." He replied, his breath was cold against my skin.

"Stop calling me that!" I snapped. I pushed his muscle body but it was useless. I hit him with my fist, he barley moved.

"Ow". He rolled his eyes at me, I went to hit him again but he grabbed my wrist, spun me around pushing up the wall stilling holding my wrist.

"Look seriously, you really need to work on you fighting skills. That was just ridiculous for a princess of your standards. You would shame you father." He informed me.

"You what?" I gasped. "You, how the hell. Do Ahh, Will you let go. Ow."

"Promise your be good and I shell tell you. But if you don't then I'll simply hurt you, and you don't really need that because you're still healing." He warned.

"Fine. Promise." He let me go keeping on hand on me. He looked over my body.

"Let me sort you dress ware out first. Stay still." He said, letting go and taking a few steps back. His dark brown eyes studied me. I felt the blanket move around my body. The black cotton blanket had transformed into a dress, my old ripped on was on the floor by him. My new dress was different to the old one. Tight across my chest, thin straps on my shoulders, it went out at my knee. Also some black ballerina style shoes on my feet.

"How did you do that?" I asked amazed by his power.

"I hold many powers." He simply told me.

"Who are you and how do you know about me and my, my"-

"Father?" He supplied smiling "I make sure I know everything that goes on in this world. Even though I am not a god."

"Your not? But how?"

"I am a sprite. In human form mostly, I prefer to stay in the dark realm." He told me. All I could do was stare at him, I need to sit this was just too much.

"A sprite? I've never known of any." I said for some reason, going to sit by the fire he came and join me.

"Well why would you? The reason for me calling you little it because you are. A young goddess. You got title when you were 18, but you never accepted it. But you still had the power, your powers grown. You are only 22 years old my dear. Very young." I was frozen how could he know this much about me?

"How the hell do you"-

"I've already answered that for you." He had a smug grin that I wanted to rip off.

"Alright then. Mr I know it all. What's your name?"

"Azkaban. O' that's alright by the way." He looked into the fire.

"For what?" I asked confused yet again.

"For what she says." He mimicked my voice. "For saving your life."

"O' erm yer. Thanks." I replied.

"Your welcome. Now if you would excuse me, but I have to trick your friends into finding you." He said it so calmly that I almost missed what he said.

"What. Trick my friends?" I asked

"Yer. Well I can tell that there out looking for you. So I need to keep you here. You see I want something of you. And they just get in the way." He was gathering up the remands of my dress, ripping it even more. He looked at me, smiled. "Don't worry I won't hurt them. No need to worry about me either. That won't have a clue that I'm there. Like when I was watching some of you yesterday."

"But what do you want from me?"

He ignored me holding my dress and going out the door locking it. I ran and slammed against it.

"Ahh. Dam it Azkaban!" I shouted to the door, hoping he could hear me. A cold breeze went over my body again. I went over to the windows, but they were blocked. I went over to the other door, which lead into what was a kitchen once. The window in there was glass but locked tight.

I could reach nature. I couldn't call Sasha to help me. Sasha. Wait what if she was able to find me. But she was in the light realm. Dam. They wouldn't think about her.

What was he going to do? Then it came to me. My dress would have my scent on it. They might be able to track it from my blood. Azkaban would scatter my dress along the river; make it look like I drowned. No scent. No body. Just my dress. And my blood. Azkaban would make them think that I was dead.    


The End

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