Nyx so still sitting on my lap still hugging tryong to comfort me, I looked down at her I was completley shocked she wanted me here. I finnally rembered Thantos was in the room when he stood and left the room. Nyx finnaly met my gaze.

I placed a lock of her hair behind her ear never moving my eyes from hers "You would want me here to stay here in this realm with you" I whispered she just simply nodded I moved closer to her.

"Yes Than Yes I do" she whispered our lips barley touching I closed my eyes and kissed her lips gently. The feeling I got when I kissed her hand was back up it f scentelt much stronger. She responded to me more than I thought she would I deepened the kiss breathing in her heavinly scent.

When we both pulled away gasping for air, our forheads leaning togethor staring into one anothers eyes "Ill stay here in the Dark realm not because I like it here but for you" I whispered in her ear. I wathed as my cool breath sent a shiver down her spine.

I looked at the clock and saw how lateit was,I looked downat her she looked so tired, I lifted her up and carried her to her room and lay her down on her bed. I kissed her forhead. "Sleep tight Night" I called her by the nick I called her when I was once human and smiled at her.

She nodded "Once we have slapt well we will go look for her, I saw her blood of scythe" she yawned and her eye lids drooped over. I slipped out of her room. Thantos pinned me against the wall. I growled at him.

"Than I am warning you, hurt Nyx I will hunt you down got that" he spat in my face I growled at him and pinned him to the wall.

"Dont tell me what to do I would never hurt her and would never drop her becasue someone told me" to he smirked at me and then dissapeared. I found my way to the guest room and fell onto the bed.

Today had been an eventful day, the way it felt to kiss Nyx made me feel truly alive, I smiled but my mind is she ok? I felt a pangof guilt I said I would protect and was still planning on doing so.

I fell into a deep sleep dreams full of Elizaeth and the day I first met Nyx.

The End

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