I was growing weak. Healing Than had taken a lot of me, I didn't give my body time to fully recover. My arms and legs were barely moving as fast as before, when I was trying to get away. Now that I was further away from Nyx's house I slowed down. The river was picking up, and I was fighting even more to keep my head above the water. I couldn't control the current, it was too strong. The water was dark and cold, the rocks were sharp against my skin. I couldn't reach the tree branches that were hanging over the river, to make them grow and help me.

My powers weren't strong enough here. My body fell even more into the river, I couldn't fight it anymore, and I was too weak. My hair flowed around me, my dress was ripped. My golden eyes opened trying to find the surface, then my mouth opened letting in the dark cold water.

Blood filled my vision. My blood, I was bleeding and broken. My eyes slowly closed. But there was something in the water; I could feel its presents around me. I didn't know what it was, whatever or whoever it was, and it was pulling me in the water. I didn't even care. My mind drifted in too blackness of the dark cold river.

"A light goddess...."  

The End

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