"Where is she where is my Daughter"Zeus demanded.

"I dont know she was here a minuete ago... oh wait no sorry Zues I think she over heard us I can sense she climbed out the window" I said, barely supressing a grin. I'd noticed Primrose listening in, and leaving...I just didn't want Zeus anywhere near her. I noticed Than perk up and spun round. He was dressed differently. When I saw the pendant I realised it was Zeus' doing. I stood and watched as Zeus taunted Than with the thought of joining the pantheon, just without Primrose. Than walked out and I could sense Zeus opening a portal.

"Zeus." I called him back in a low voice.

"Nyx." He replied, sounding wary.

"You owe me double now." I said, softly. "You invade my home and my realm and mess around with my guests." I moved closer, shadows swirling around the portal. Zeus looked at them uneasily. "I am in charge here. Remember that. Pull another stunt like this and I shall make it impossible for the Light and Dark realm to ever stand united. King or no, you will not do this again."

He nodded. "At least the situation is clear. I had expected something like this."

With that, he left.

"Than are you ok? whats with the clothes?" He looked down as Thantos questioned him. I ghosted in behind Than.

"Oh there off Zeus, he's offered me a place in the Pantheon realm. But on one condition I have to give her up" Than fell to his knees. Automatically, I pulled him up, hugging him. He pulled me close.

 What do I choose Nyx, a girl who makes me forget I'm a Dark God. Or a place to belong to?"  He whispered.

"Chose what makes you happy." I murmured back, not pushing him away. "You are King of the Dark Gods. I am Queen of the Dark Realm. Whatever happens, you will always have a place here. Follow your heart, Than. Be happy."

He looked at me for a long time. Thantos got up, leaving us alone. I met Than's eyes fully and waited for him to make a move.

The End

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