I was so shocked I could Hardly talk. "Primrose. She's your, your..."

"My daughter yes. Me and her mother have kept it a secret from her. It was for the best." Zeus imformed me, the only happiness I thought I had just shattered.

"But Primrose, Primrose. That makes her a. a." Thantos struggled too say.

"A princess." Zeus said smiling as this was one amusing smile. I heard something like some one jump out of a window. I threw my-self at Zues Pushing him into a wall, my eyes glowing red.

"No Your lying you have to be " I said violently shaking him, in the Dark realm I was stronger than him. Nyx and I were the ones in charge here, well her more than me.

I felt hand hand on my shoulder "Than stop this at once its not going to help besides you need rest" she said soothingly. I let go of him and dropped to my knees looking at the floor. They all went to get Primerose I couldnt move I didnt want to loose her, evan though I pushed her away.

I heard banging "Where is she where is my Daughter"Zeus demanded.

"I dont know she was here a minuete ago... oh wait no sorry Zues I think she over heard us I can sense she climbed out the window" I heard Nyx inform them.

I stood up and thats when I noticed it the blade of my Scythe was smeared with blood. I wyped a bit onto my finger and smelt it and a grin shot acros my face. It was Primerose's blood. I stood up and put my new cloak I looked into the mirror for some reason this cloak was Different on the chain held my symbal a wolf, on down one side was the delicate swirls that was on my Scythe but in Silver. My shirt was white and slightly baggy and my black pants.

"Admiring you new clothes" I was shocked and swirled aroind to face Zues he put up his hands "I am not here to fight but offer you a deal you can't refuse" he said grinning.

"The spit it out then" I growled at him getting ready to jump on him in the secand.

"Well I know what you want Than you want to belong somewhere to be accepted dont you, your just a wandering God you dont really belong her" I groweled at him again. "Ok I offer a place in the Pantheon realm on one condition. You stay away from my daughter"

I stood shocked just staring at him, why would he do this? "You cannot control me Zeus" I glared at him.

"I know that is my offer think about it" he said smiling opened a portal. I walked out of my room and into the room we were all sitting down before I stood in the doorway.

"Than are you ok? whats with the clothes?" I looked down to the floor could I really give her up to be accepted ?

"Oh there off Zeus, hes offered me aplace in the Pantheon realm" I heard them both gasp in surprise. "But on one condition I have to give her up" I said and fell to my knees.

 Nyx hugged me and I pulled her close to me forgetting Thantos was there."What do I choose Nyx, a girl who makes me forget Im a Dark God. Or a place to belong to" I said whispering knowing deep down only I could awnser that question.

The End

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