"Sorry, forgot to tell you that the Gates burn any Light being that touches them.." Thantos told, hiding a grin on his face. My left hand was burned, and then I had a idea that would make him remember for the next time. I waited for to finish whatever he was doing. He turned to face me; I caught him off guard, hitting him with my right un- harmed hand. The look of surprise filled his face and a little confused by my sudden attack.

"What was that for?" He asked

"Next time, tell me." I muttered

Thantos laughed, "Yeah, yeah. Don't touch next time eh?"

I just rolled my eyes at him. Thantos created a portal back to Nyx's house.

"So does that necklace mean that you're fulfilling your goddess title?" Thantos asked me.

"Something like that. I have the choice, it's my family symbol. But it's erm."

"Your own personal, symbol?"

"Yer. Either way it's mine. I can't take it off either. The clasp won't open." I sighed. It was getting awkward, we were just strangers thrown together, looking out for other people.

That's when the front suddenly the front door burst open. Nyx was standing in the doorway. I couldn't work it out at first, and then I did. Than. Nyx was staggering slightly with the weight of Than. He was unconscious, worse yet he was covered in blood. That's when my heart fell.

"Nyx!" Thantos and I shouted in unison, I looked over at him seeing his eyes on Nyx.

"What happened?" I questioned my voice full of worry. I couldn't move, just frozen into place.

"He needs healing." Nyx said. "He's badly hurt. I need to take care of it though Primrose. I know you are worried, but this is my realm. I can do this much here."

All I could do was nod, biting my lip as I helped the to carry Than into one of the rooms. After that I left them and went back into the main room and sat down on one of the chair. Than chair where he sat before. I could help him. One of my powers in healing, though it wouldn't be as strong here. Not if he was unconscious at listed...

"Are you okay?" Thantos murmured, looking over at me. I just nodded unsure of what to do.

"How is he?" I asked managing to speck.

"He's... Okay I guess. He's conscious now, but he needs some rest." I nodded understanding. He's conscious. Hmm it could work, just need to get away for a minute.

 "Have either of you eaten?" Nyx voice said to us, I wasn't really listening to them speck. Nyx's left then so did Thantos. I had to be quick before they noticed I was gone. I followed my senses leading me to a closed door. I could hear the light breathing; his strong scent flowed around the room making me want to breathe it in even more.

He was asleep; his body was tense, clearly still in pain. I had to be quick and quite. I pulled the only purple flower from my lose bun in my hair. I needed something sharp, I looked round and found Than scythe leaning against a chair. I took in a deep breath and cut my right palm, then crushing the purple flower in the same hand. My eyes watered and three tears dropped into my palm too. Clear fully I lifted Than head, I placed my palm against his lips. His lips parted, I pushed my bleeding palm deeper making sure he was taking my healing power.

I could feel the mixture working in his body, making him stronger. His eyes blinked. I gasped and pulled away before he could see me. I closed his door again and went back into the main room. Sitting in the same chair as before, like I've been sat there the whole time.

We all went into the dinning room and started to eat the food that was put before us. Funny as it was, I was actually feeling comfortable. Nyx and Thantos would occasionally glance my way, and then they would quickly look at each other. I wondered what they were thinking. I felt strange, even been here in a dark realm. Shouldn't I be going bad or something, hating the dark and trying to find my way out? But I didn't. Ok I didn't feel at all ease here, but I wasn't in a rush to go. There was only one other God that I could think of who felt like this sometimes. Zeus. He was king of all gods, so he had to occasionally visit these dark realms.

Suddenly, there were loud voices coming from the door. Snapping me of out my trail of thought. I could sense that it was two other gods.

   "Wait here; I'll go see what's happening." Nyx said, getting up and walking out to the hall.

"Seems Than is up.."Thantos muttered. "And Nyx is not going to be happy with Zeus interfering like this."

Than? Zeus? This can't be good. I looked over a Thantos then who was heading towards the door. "Do you think we should go?"

"It might not be a good idea for you to show Zeus you're here... But I'm going. I'm allowed here.. And Nyx might need some help."  Thantos pulled a face and disappeared.

"O'know." I said out loud. Than up, he would have gotton dressed and picked up his scythe. With my blood still on it. I quietly crept to the door, it was open by the crack. I peered though it.

 "So what are you going to do now Zeus?" Than said, mockingly.

"Also nothing to do with you Than." Zeus told him moving him out of the way.

"Zeus, would you mind telling me why you are here?" Nyx asked him.

He sighed deeply turned to them all. "Collecting my daughter, she doesn't belong in this dark realm. Her powers are strong here yes but. They are more powerful in the other realms."

No-one spoke. All they could do was stare. I couldn't even breathe. Zeus? He. He can't be. His king of all gods and goddess. In charged of everything. I.I can't be. It can't be true, he must be talking about someone else. Maybe there was another light god here.

"I'm sorry but your gonna have to repeat that for me." Nyx gasped out.

"Primrose. She's your, your..." Than could bearly speck.

"My daughter yes. Me and her mother have kept it a secret from her. It was for the best."

"But Primrose, Primrose. That makes her a. a." Thantos struggled too.

"A princess." Zeus informed them.

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get out. The window, it was open. I jumped out the window and ran. Ran as fast as ever before. The wind blows around me, my hair throw out making it fall out. Leaving a tail of purple flowers behind me. This wasn't good. They could track me. A river was coming into view. I dive in swimming deeper and faster. I was safe. They wouldn't be able to track me now. None of them could find me.

One could. My blood. Only he could track me. He would be the only one. But would he know this? Has he seen my blood, the only clue?

The End

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