"Well Primrose you are a Light Goddess, you really dont belong with a Dark God never mind the Underground God." I put in, smirking at the expression on Than's face. I knew he couldn't do anything here. Nyx nudged me in the ribs.

"Enough. This is my house, my rules, so shut up." I knew it was partly aimed at me, though it did not stop me  smirking again over Nyx's head. Than nodded , looking away.  The rest of us carried on talking, while Than seemed to let his mind wander off. I caught the girls looking at him a couple of times. I was happy just to have Nyx here. I'd missed her a lot.

"Than" Primrose called, shaking his shoulders. I'd not even realised he'd been spoken to. Part of me wanted to say leave him be, but I supressed the urge.

"Oh sorry I was thinking about... Well.. that doesnt matter what did I miss?" Than blinked a couple of times, sounding guilty. He glanced over at Nyx a moment who I figured would either be amused or pissed.

"Well I guess you haven't changed that much..  we were discussing how it is right for Primrose to be around the Light, not the Dark-what do you have to say?" she said, with an odd note in her voice. Than wasn't the only one to give her a searching look, but his expression cleared. I felt a kind of sinking feeling in my stomach. Something was changing here.

"Well I think it is wrong to force anyone to do what they do not want to do, besides Nyx you can't comment on what is right and wrong seeing as though you have history with a certian light God" Nyx hissed as I tensed. What kind of history? I was ready to yell but Than held up his hands in a show of peace.

"I'm just saying-why do you care who is with me when you are so cosy with a guy who happily dropped you when you got kicked out by the almighty Zeus" He glanced at me then. I was ready to kill the guy, but restrained my anger with some difficulty.

"That was not his fault and you know that" Nyx spat, clearly as angry as I was.

He looked at her with a wierd, calm look. "No, no I dont know that Nyx. When I was human I saw you as a wild, free Goddess that no-one could tame. But now I see your not as strong willed as you were made out to be. Thats why you belong with the other God's and Goddess's in that silly realm." he spoke softly, but Nyx flinched as though he hit her. I growled low in my throat. He'd clearly hurt Nyx. Than stood up suddenly, without looking at any of us.

"That's where you belong Primrose. Go back there and claim your rightful title." He spoke with no emotion at all and walked out. I was tempted to run after him so that I could beat the crap out of him for what he'd said, but stayed with Nyx instead. Primrose ran after him, leaving a silent room behind. After a while, I spoke up, just to break the silence which stretched uncomfortably.

"Nyx.. Ignore him. He's-"

"He's right." she cut me off softly. Those two words hit me hard.

"What do you mean? Nyx...?" I was completely at a loss for what to say.

Something is really wrong here...

"Get out." she muttered in a flat, cold, soft voice.

"What?" Somehow we were both standing now, but Nyx refused to look at me.

"Get out. Leave me alone." She said again.

"Nyx, what's going on? He's got to you.. Don't let him get to you. Don't do this-" I was fumbling around, completely confused.

This should isn't right. She's throwing me out. I mean, we're together, but its just like when we argued before. This isn't hurting as much as it should

"Just go Thantos." She looked up finally and I saw the tears in her eyes. I hated that I was the cause of them and I was loathe to leave her. "Please." She whispered.

"Nyx..." I whispered, wanting to go to her and make her smile again

 "Just go!" she screamed then ran out of the house, leaving me there.

I stood there uselessly. I could hear the faint howls of Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guarded the gates of Hell. I created a Portal, appearing at the Gates myself to calm Cerberus, who reflected my moods.

"Hey," I whispered "Its okay old friend. I'm just being like a stupid teenager. Loosing my head over your mistress. My best friend. Dumb huh? I forgot, the reason I loved her was not because she was beautiful, not because she drove every man wild. She's my best friend, thats all. I was stupid to make it anything else really. But she said she loved me too.. And I guess we fooled ourselves." Slowly, Cerberus bowed one of his heads to me and I rubbed his muzzle distractedly. I tended to some of my usual business, finding it calming to go through the rituals of sending the dead to where they belonged, be it my own realm or that of my Light counterpart.  Cerberus growled softly.

"Thantos?" a soft female voice called at the Gates.

"Primrose! What the Hell are you doing-get back!" I yelled, as Cerberus barked. The Nine Gates behind me rang softly, I could hear their call even though physically, I was a long way away from them.

Primrose glanced up at Cerberus who strained at the chain that held him, growling at Primrose.

"Look, that's Cerberus. He'll bite you given the smallest chance and that will send you past the Ninth Gate. Even I have a tough time getting people he's bitten back. And he hates any kind of Light God, no matter how nice you are to me.. so please, step back. I really don't like going past the Ninth Gate if I can help it... Deepest circle of Hell and all that."

She nodded. "I'll keep that in mind. It's just... Than and Nyx have vanished and that sky gives me the creeps. Plus I don't like being the only person in someone else's house."

I climbed out of where I had been standing, coming right up to the Gates and put a hand on Cerberus, who calmed instantly.

"Nyx threw me out." I replied shortly. "I'm not exactly welcome anymore."

"You'd be more welcome than a Light Goddess." she said. "And from what I have seen, Nyx loves you a lot. Are you really going to give up on that so quickly?"

Cerberus growled softly again, making Primrose glance up in fright.

"Please Thantos, I don't know who else to turn to."

I rolled my eyes sighing. "Fine. I'll sit with you till the others come back."

I muttered something to Cerberus , turning away from Primrose a moment. Suddenly she cried out. I wheeled back to her and she was clutching her hand, looking reproachfully at me.

"Sorry, forgot to tell you that the Gates burn any Light being that touches them.." I replied, smothering a grin.

She said nothing, waiting for me to get out. Then she hit me with her good hand. It didn't hurt but I looked at her in suprise.

"What was that for?"

"Next time, tell me." she muttered

I laughed, "Yeah, yeah. Don't touch next time eh?"

She rolled her eyes as I created a portal back to Nyx's house. We sat in her living room talking a bit, but it was kind of awkward. We had been forced together through Nyx and Than and we didn't really mix.

Suddenly the front door burst open. Nyx was there, staggering slightly under the weight of Than who was unconcious, covered in blood.

"Nyx!" Primrose and I shouted in unison

"What happened?" Primrose said, clearly worried, as I went over to help Nyx with Than, who was a complete deadweight.

"He needs healing." she said. "He's badly hurt.. I need to take care of it though Primrose. I know you are worried, but this is my realm. I can do this much here."

Primrose nodded, biting her lip as she let us carry Than into one of the rooms.

"What really happened Nyx?" I asked in a low voice, aware that she had screamed at me before "This was you wasn't it? I recognise the shadow-burns on his arms.."

"I thought I told you to go?" She muttered, not looking at me

"I can't leave you.."I replied softly.

"You have to now." She said, looking me dead in the eyes. I straightened up, giving her a long look then walked off without another word. I gritted my teeth, angry at her for shutting me out again.

"Thantos?" Nyx said softly, just as I was in the door. I turned back to her, knowing that my face showed my anger.

"I love you. " she murmured. I felt my anger melt a little and I smiled at her.

"I love you too Nyx." I replied quietly then left her.

I went to sit with Primrose who was absorbed in her own thoughts. Finally, Nyx reappeared. I went and hugged Nyx, who laid her head on my chest.

"Are you okay?" I murmured, looking at her in concern. She just nodded

"How is he?" Primrose asked, anxious.

"Hes.. okay I guess. He's concious now, but he needs some rest." Primrose nodded in understanding. "Have either of you eaten?" Nyx asked, looking up at me again.

"No..we were more worried about you two." I replied, meaning I was worried about her.

"I'll organise something, enough for all of us." She said quietly, leaving suddenl. I followed her and after she gave the orders, she turned round. I was standing inches from her face. She gasped in suprise, stepping back and I followed her until she had her back against the wall. I had no idea what I was doing.

"Thantos? What are you doing?" she said, sounding worried.

I didn't repl instead kissing her gently. For a minute, she was frozen, then Nyx pushed me away, looking down. Her hands rested on my chest lightly and I looked at them for a while before turning my eyes on her in confusion.

"Nyx, what is going on? Suddenly, you have gone cold, throwing me out..pushing me away. You turn up with him in your arms, but you won't tell me what happened. Talk to me.. It's like since.. Since we became more than friends, I lost my best friend." I finished bitterly, causing Nyx to look away. I bit the inside of my lip, looking away as well.

Don't push her too far.. You'll lose her for good..

"Thantos," she  said softly, causing him to look at me. "When we kissed, that fisrt time, I was so happy. But you are right, since we were together, we lost our friendship. And I hate that. I love you Thantos, but I think, not in the way I first thought. I love you as a friend. And I'm scared now that I'm going to lose you. That I'm going to lose my best friend."

I looked at her for a long time, stunned. It hadn't crossed my mind that she would have thought the same way. As always she had suprised me. I felt a smile spread across my face.

"You aren't going to lose me Nyx. Best friends don't quit. Just friends is best for us both I think."

She smiled back at me, brightly, then hugged me tightly. "I missed you."

I laughed at her muffled tone, hugging her back. "Missed you too fool. Now, I reckon that food might just about be ready? We should find Primrose."

She nodded and we walked in a comfortable silence through the house, collecting Primrose and settling in the main room. A worker said something to Nyx before vanishing.

 "Take as much as you want everyone." She smiled.

The meal passed suprisingly comfortably. Primrose seemed to be holding up okay, despite the fact she was stuck in the Dark realm. Suddenly, there was shouting from the hall.  We all looked up.

"Wait here, I'll go see whats happening." Nyx said, getting up and walking out to the hall.

I knew both the voices.

"Seems Than is up.." I muttered. "And Nyx is not going to be happy with Zeus interfering like this."

Primrose glanced up. "Do you think we should go?"

"It might not be a good idea for you to show Zeus you're here... But I'm going. I'm allowed here.. And Nyx might need some help."  I pulled a face.

Primrose nodded as I got up. I got to the doorway of the hall and rapidly deflected a shot of energy.

"OI!" I yelled, causing all three of them to look at me. "That's pretty rude." I muttered angrily, moving to the centre of the room. "Starting a fight in another God's house."

Zeus glanced at me. "Nothing to concern you Thantos."

"Actually, since I'm a Dark God and a High Member of the Council, yeah it is. Nyx is Queen round here, and Than is King. You have no reason to be here." As if to underline my point, Cerberus barked loud enough for us all to hear it, finishing in a growl.

"So what are you going to do now Zeus?" Than said, mockingly.

The End

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