"Nyx I cant hold a grudge against you, you healed me when my family left me for dead" Than said eventually, in a calm voice which belied the confusion in his head.

"I have a question, Why didnt you just let me die then you wouldnt have to ever see me again?" he asked me bitterly. I was shocked he thought that.

"You think I dont want to see you again but I do. I dont what it is about you Than but it makes me want to know you more." I said the last part very quietly, realising that it was true only as the words came out of my mouth.

"Why though-I am not even one of your kind. I'm not even a real God. You have Thantos and all the other Gods, Be happy, you belong somewhere. Me-I don't. I have no-one, nowhere which makes me want to stay." His voice rose  and I could feel and hear his pain now. I couldn't help but feel guilty for bringing this out of him now.

"Than you do belong somewhere and people do care for you. Pri-" I began softly, but Than cut me off.

"Dont say Primrose.. I have just scared her off, you really think Zeus would let me have her? She is the purest Goddess I have ever met. I don't understand how you can love Thantos. I'm sorry but I really can't."He said, suddenly meeting my eyes. His glowed crimson in the darkened room and I swallowed, suddenly aware that without my cloak on, I was exposed to Than. Regardless, I came to sit on his bed next to him.

 "Look Than, I know something nearly happened in the park but I love Thantos." I said, carefully, looking down.

"Because you got accepted back, he comes running back with open arms, if someone did that to me I don't think I could forgive them" he replied softly, meeting my eyes. I had a sudden flash of understanding-he still thought of me as his Goddess. I couldn't reply.

He took my hand, still looking me in the eye. "Thank you for your help." He said, more gently than I had ever heard him speak.

He kissed the top of my hand and it was as though lightening ran through the both of us. We both gasped and I pulled my hand away, looking at Than for a long time. I stood up, blushing and made to leave, pausing in the doorway.

"Get some rest Than" I said quietly and with that I left him in the dark.

I went and found Thantos and Primrose, who had settled uneasily in the room where we had been talking before. They both looked up as I entered the room. Thantos came over to me immeadiately, putting his arms around me. I hugged him back, though it felt wrong now.

"Are you okay?" he murmured, looking at me in concern.

I nodded, laying my head on his chest as I always used to, my arms around his waist.

"How is he?" Primrose asked, anxious.

"Hes.. okay I guess. He's concious now, but he needs some rest." Primrose nodded in understanding. "Have either of you eaten?" I asked, looking up at Thantos again.

"No..we were more worried about you two." He replied.

"I'll organise something, enough for all of us." I said quietly, leaving the room to find some of the workers who were here, invisible unless I was looking for one. I spoke to the chief, passing on the orders and turned round to see Thantos standing inches from my face. I gasped in suprise, stepping back and he drove me further back untill I was against the wall.

"Thantos? What are you doing?" I said, slightly worried.

He didn't reply, taking my face softly in his hands and kissing me. For a minute, I was frozen, then I pushed him away, looking down. My hands rested on his chest lightly and he looked at them a moment before looking at me in confusion.

"Nyx, what is going on? Suddenly, you have gone cold, throwing me out..pushing me away. You turn up with him in your arms, but you won't tell me what happened. Talk to me.. It's like since.. Since we became more than friends, I lost my best friend." He finished with a bitter note in his voice and looked away.

"Thantos," I said softly, causing him to look at me. "When we kissed, that fisrt time, I was so happy. But you are right, since we were together, we lost our friendship. And I hate that. I love you Thantos, but I think, not in the way I first thought. I love you as a friend. And I'm scared now that I'm going to lose you. That I'm going to lose my best friend."

He looked at me for a long time, then a smile broke out across his face.

"You aren't going to lose me Nyx. Best friends don't quit. Just friends is best for us both I think."

I smiled back at him, then hugged him tightly. "I missed you."

He laughed, hugging me back. "Missed you too fool. Now, I reckon that food might just about be ready? We should find Primrose."

I nodded and we walked through the house, leading Primrose to the main room, where there was a spread of food laid out for us.

"There is more ready in the kitchen Goddess." A worker said respectfully to me before melting into the shadow.

"Thank you very much." I replied, knowing they would hear, "Take as much as you want everyone." I smiled.

We chatted as we ate, comfortable for once. Primrose, though a Light Goddess, seemed to be okay in the twilight that was the Dark realm. After a while, there was a commotion out in the hall. We all looked up.

"Wait here, I'll go see whats happening." I said, getting up and walking out to the hall.

Than and Zeus were standing in the hall, both looking pretty angry. I darkened the hall again, causing both to look at me. My eyes glowed as power surged through me.

"What is the meaning of this Zeus?" I said coldly. "You have returned the Dark realm to me, you have no business here now."

The End

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