After a while I came round well at least I wasnt dead I sat up slowly the pain was still intense I groaned at loud in pain.

"Careful you took a pretty good beating today" Nyx said gently, I looked slowy over to her in confusion. Why was she here? Why didnt she let me die? I opened my mouth but she but me off.

"I remember you. As a young man.. What you said. Yes, a goddess must be strong, but also must care for those who worship her. As must all the Gods. You made me remember not only my own strength but the strength of my followers. Thank you. I hope that you do not hold this against me." she smiled slightly.

I looked striaght ahead "Nyx I cant hold a grudge against you, you healed me when my family left me for dead" I said in a calm voice not willing to meet her eyes.

"I have a question, Why didnt you just let me die then you wouldnt have to ever see me again?" I said quietly.

"You think I dont want to see you again because I do, I dont what it is about you Than but it makes me want to know you more" she said slightly to her-self. I turned to look at her in confusion.

"Why though I am not even one of your kind Im not evan a real God. You have Thantos and all the other God, Be happy you belong some where me I dont I have no-one anywhere which makes me want to stay" My voice rising slightly.

She didnt know how lonely I felt, how much I admired her because she always had a place in that world I was alone in mine. Yes I ruled of the dark creatures but they are evil.

"Than you do belong somewhere and people do care for you Pri-" I cut her off.

"Dont say Primerose I have just scared her off, you really think Zeus would let me have her she is the puriest Goddess I have ever met. I dont understand how you can love Thantos Im sorry but I really can't" I said meeting her gaze.

She came and sat on my bed next to me "Look Than I know something nearly happened in the park but I love Thantos" she said slowly looking down.

"Because you got accepted back he comes running back with open arms, if someone did that to me I dont think I could forgive them" I spoke softly. I looked up into her eyes wishing she understood, that I still would do anything for my Goddess.

I picked up her hand and looked into her eyes "Thank you for your help" I kissed the top of her hand, it felpt like my whole body had electricity pass through me, we both gasped and pulled her hand away, stood up blushing and walked to the door.

"Get some rest Than" with that she walked out of the door.

The End

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