"Than God of the Underground and King of the Dark Gods, do you forget who I am?" My icy tone was infused with my powers over truth. I could feel his resistance before he was aware of it but my anger made me strong.

"No Nyx, I know full well who you are -Nyx Goddess of the Night, High Member of the Council and Queen of the Dark Gods" he replied, involuntarily.

"Then Than, why did you leave the council" I asked him, feeling my power grow as true night broke. He answered again with the forced truth.

 "Because I did not fit in with the rest of the Gods. I am not a born God I was given no respect so I turned cold, you also reminded me of Ellie and I hated that" He said this with a trace of bitterness. It seemed it was something he'd never admitted to himself. My anger turned black. I used my powers, lifting him high and throwing Than across the lake. He hit a tree, shattering it instantly. I heard the sickening crack of broken bones but it did nothing to hold back my anger.I flashed in front of Than as he stumbled upright

 "Why did you have to say that?" I screamed. "You bastard Than. You knew. I am a free Goddess still. You want proof of that? You forget, I am still Queen of the Dark Gods. You may be King, but you know that I own you. You want to see the wild Goddess? I am Nyx, Goddess of the Night, High Member of the Council of Gods and Queen of the Dark Gods. My heart my belong to Thantos, but no man, god or other creature will ever tame me, and you will know that." My voice echoed over the grounds and my powers rose, the shadows still over Than constricting.

"Because Nyx" He was struggling to talk but I kept up the attack, relentless anger punding through my veins"Because I missed you being so fierce I wanted to remind you how strong you really are" he said finally. I screamed again, throwing him into another tree.

This time he fell through his greenhouse, the glass smashing everywhere. After a few moments, he walked out again, covered in blood, his sythe held loosely in one hand. He was breathing heavily, blood trickling into his eyes from a gash in his forehead. I appeared in front of him, taking his chin in my hand.

 "No-one can control me- got that."I spat, releasing him. He slid to the floor, twisting so that his back was bared to me through his shredded clothes. I gasped.

"Your... your back carries my cresent moon scarred onto your back.. why." I said, my tone cold to mask my shock. He naswered with a forced truth.

"When my Farther found out I began worshiping you, he had me punished I argued saying you were my Goddess" He replied, obviously in pain."They beat me till I was nearly dead and burned your symbol into my back." He smiled distantly, falling to the floor."At least I die for the goddess I..." he blacked out, leaving me stunned. My anger evaporated, the sky going back to the calm, deep blue of a midsummer's night.

I stood over him for a moment, at a loss for what to do. Then, creating a portal, I took him back to my home, where my powers were strongest. I appeared in my hall.

"Nyx!" Thantos and Primrose cried in unison.

"What happened?" Primrose said, clearly worried, as Thantos moved to help me.

"He needs healing." I replied. "He's badly hurt.. I need to take care of it though Primrose. I know you are worried, but this is my realm. I can do this much here."

She nodded, biting her lip as she let me and Thantos carry Than into one of the rooms.

"What really happened Nyx?" He asked in a low voice, so that Primrose wouldn't hear. "This was you wasn't it? I recognise the shadow-burns on his arms.."

"I thought I told you to go?" I replied, not looking at him.

"I can't leave you.." he said softly.

"You have to now." I replied, looking him in the eye.

He gave me a long look, before walking off.

"Thantos?" I said softly, as he was just about to go. He turned back, his face hard.

"I love you. " I murmured. His face softened and he smiled a little.

"I love you too Nyx." he replied quietly, leaving me with Than.

I ran my eyes slowly over the damage I had done. He was covered in cuts and still bleeding. Bruises were appearing all over his back and his arm was clearly broken. His breathing was shallow, laboured. I bit my lip, worried. After seeing his back, I remembered Than's face. After his father had burned my symbol into his back, he'd dumped Than, barely breathing, at the steps of my temple. Even Elli's healing skills had not been enough to repair the damage. They had called me in desperation and I had taken him here, to heal him fully. I then returned him to the temple to regain conciousness, leaving him in the care of the Preistesses and the Preists of my Temple. When I next returned, Elli was dead and he was gone. The others told me he vanished after she had been killed by the God of the Underground. For weeks after, the Other rang with my fury as my exile made it impossible to avenge her and I was unable to find the young man who had been so devoted to me.

Now I again had to save his life. I wove the shadows into bandages, cleaning his wounds and binding them. After I was done, I sat there with him, watching as his breathing gradually evened out, deepening. Eventually, he came around, sitting up slowly, groaning a little with pain.

"Careful. You took a pretty good beating." I said gently. He started, looking over at me in confusion. He opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him off.

"I remember you. As a young man.. What you said. Yes, a goddess must be strong, but also must care for those who worship her. As must all the Gods. You made me remember not only my own strength but the strength of my followers. Thank you. I hope that you do not hold this against me."

The End

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