I was kneeling looking into the lake when I felt a portal open I turned around to see who came out. Her eyes glowed brightly, mhery hair stirred by an unnatural wind that wrapped itself around her body. I looked at him me, eyes wide.I saw the unnatural wind, which lifted the cloak . she was dressedin a black, slim dress, slit up to the hips for running and fighting. the waist was circled by a silver chain, fastened with an onyx moon. her pendant hung around her neck, lying against her skin bared by the low cut of her dress. the cloak was lifted back from her body, baring her shoulders to the air. Her face was cold, wrathful and her eyes glowed with all of the power she possessed. The corner of rey mouth lifted in an icy smile.She lazily gathered shadows in her hands, as I just sat on my knees, staring. For the first time since I had been turned in to a God I saw the real Goddess. Her head was held proud, and for once, she looked every bit the Goddess of the Night.

"Than God of the under ground and God of the Dark Gods, do you forget who I am?" Her tone was cold and her captured mine making me tell the truth.

"No Nyx I  know fully well who you are Nyx Goddess of the night,high membor of the council and Goddess of the Dark Gods" I said before I couldn controll me self.

"Then Than why did you leave the council" she asked same tone but her power growing I couldnt lie to her but I wished I could have.

"Because I did not fit in with the rest of the Gods I am not a born God I was given no respect so I turned cold, you also reminded me of Ellie and I hated that" I was I said this I knew deep down it was true, but I never admitted it to my-self.

Darkness surrounded me and was lifted into the air and trown acroos the lake I hit the tree, the impact was so great it brok the tree in half I hit the floor my arm crakced and I held back the scream.

She was in front of me again "Why did you have to say that?" She screamed at me. "You bastard Than. You knew. I am a free Goddess still. You want proof of that? You forget, I am still Queen of the Dark Gods. You may be King, but you know that I own you. You want to see the wild Goddess? I am Nyx, Goddess of the Night, High Member of the Council of Gods and Queen of the Darks Gods. My heart my belong to Thantos, but no man, god or other creature will ever tame me, and you will know that." Her voice rose and her powers grew I could feel my body being pounded by the darkness but kept eye contact with her.

"Because Nyx" I struggled to speak "Because I missed you being so fierce I wanted to remind you how strong you really are" I said but she screamed and threw against another tree. I fell onto my green house I kept smashing Glass stucking to all over my torso I stood up holding onto my Scythe and walked out.

I was breathing heavily blood running down my face. she appeard infront of me cupping my face in her hands "No-one can control me got that." she lat go and I slid to the floor.

and she gasped I looked up to her looking at my back. I looked at my-self noticing my cape had been pulled off and my shirt was in shreds.

"Your... your back carries my cresent moon scarred onto your back why" she said coldly again making me awnser her"

"When my Farther found out I began worshiping you, he had me punished I arued saying you were my Goddess" I said breathing in heavily"They beat me till I was nearly dead and bured your symbal into my back"

I couldnt hold my-self up any longer I looked at her stoy reflection her glaring at me I smiled "At least I die for the goddess I..." with that I let the darkness take me, if I die I would gladly die at the hands of Nyx the Goddess I once defeanded. Maybe now I will be with Elizabeth.....

The End

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