"Primerose your necklace when did you get it?" Than spoke softly. I glanced at it, recognising the symbols. So Zeus had visited Primrose as well. Interesting.

"Well when you locked me in your house with those creepy little people Zeus visited me and gave me it along with some speech reminding me who I was." She replied with acid in her tone. I smiled slightly, knowing Than would take it the wrong way. He was not someone born into Godhood and so could not understand the right order. Our places.

"Well Primerose you are a Light Goddess, you really dont belong with a Dark God never mind the Undergrounnd God." Thantos said smirking. Than glared at him and I nudged him in the ribs. He may be right, but there were kinder ways to put it.

"Enough. This is my house, my rules, so shut up." It was aimed at the pair of them, but more Than, who seemed to be the one who wanted a fight. Than nodded , looking away. His thoughts drifted and I caught a flash of Elli's face in his mind.

The rest of us carried on talking, we seemed to be getting on well enough. Then Primrose turned to Than, who was quite obviously not paying attention.

"Than" Primrose called, shaking his shoulders. He blinked a few times as though coming out of a dream.

"Oh sorry I was thinking about... Well.. that doesnt matter what did I miss?" Than spoke up, sounding sheepish and slightly guilty. He lgnaced over at me and I hurriedly smothered my smile.

"Well I guess you haven't changed that much..  we were discussing how it is right for Primrose to be around the Light, not the Dark-what do you have to say?" He looked me dead in the eyes. I met his eyes levelly and they narrowed briefly as though he saw something, but then his expression cleared.

"Well I think it is wrong to force anyone to do what they do not want to do, besides Nyx you can't comment on what is right and wrong seeing as though you have history with a certian light God" I hissed at him as Thantos tensed behind me. The room darkened breifly and Than put up his hands in a show of peace. I gritted my teeth, supressing my anger for now.

"Im just saying-why do you care who is with me when you are so cosy with a guy who happily dropped you when you got kicked out by the almighty Zeus" He glanced at Thantos, who was ready to take his head off. I was beyond furious.

"That was not his fault and you know that" I spat, glaring that him.

He returned my fury with a calm look. "No, no I dont know that Nyx. When I was human I saw you as a wild, free Goddess that no-one could tame. But now I see your not as strong willed as you were made out to be. Thats why you belong with the other God's and Goddess's in that silly realm."

I froze at his words. He stood up, without looking at any of us.

"Thats where you belong Primerose. Go back there and claim your rightful title." He spoke mechanically and with that, strode out of my home. Primrose ran after him, leaving a silent room behind. After what felt like a long time,  Thantos spoke.

"Nyx.. Ignore him. He's-"

"He's right." I replied, my voice soft.

"What do you mean? Nyx...?" I could feel confusion pouring from Thantos and I braced myself for the hurt that was going to follow.

"Get out." I said, in that same, flat, cold, soft voice.

"What?" He was stunned and we were both standing now, facing each other.

"Get out." I said, my voice not changing. "Leave me alone."

"Nyx, what's going on? He's got to you.. Don't let him get to you. Don't do this-"

"Just go Thantos." I looked at him, showing the tears in my eyes for the first time. "Please." I whispered.

"Nyx..." Thantos breathed my name like a prayer.

"Just go!" I screamed at him, then ran out of the house myself, leaving him there. I burst out into the grounds, the sky boiling. I could hear the faint howls of Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guarded the gates of Hell. I stumbled away from there, as that was where Thantos would go, if he listened to me. I came to a rise overlooking the forest, below, the trees fanned out. Than had Primrose pinned against a tree. Though the sky was raging, the air was deathly still and his angry words carried across to where I was.

"I need no-one. Got that? And I defiantly dont need you!" He walked away through the trees, from where I was, I could see where he went. Primrose fell to her knees watching after him. He opened a portal and disappeared from here, though was still in this realm. I figured he was at his own house. I felt Zeus' presence in the dark realm, which ignited my anger. He had no place here now I was back.

I looked at Primrose, who was bent over double on her knees, sobbing pitifully. I could also sense Thantos' pain. Something inside me twisted painfully. I ran away from Primrose, falling to my knees by a nearby lake. I looked out over the still waters. The black sky above was churning with dark blues and bruise-like purples, reflecting a little of what I was feeling. I knew that across the Dark Gods' realm, the sky would look the same. I screamed, putting all my pain and anger into it. The water in front of me suddenly shuddered as a huge ball of shadow shot across, exploding into scraps halfway across. I put my face onto the cool grass, which ran right up to the water, sobbing. Than's words echoed in my mind.

I saw you as a wild, free Goddess that no-one could tame. But now I see your not as strong willed as you were made out to be. Thats why you belong with the other God's and Goddess's in that silly realm

"Why did you have to say that?" I whispered, my tears giving way to anger. "You bastard Than. You knew. I am a free Goddess still. You want proof of that? You forget, I am still Queen of the Dark Gods. You may be King, but you know that I own you. You want to see the wild Goddess? I am Nyx, Goddess of the Night, High Member of the Council of Gods and Queen of the Darks Gods. My heart my belong to Thantos, but no man, god or other creature will ever tame me, and you will know that."

I got to my feet slowly, creating a portal to where Than was. It was time he learned what I really could do. When I stepped out, my eyes glowed brightly, my hair stirred by an unnatural wind that wrapped itself around my body. Than was on his knees, alone, by a lake. He looked at me, eyes wide. He saw the unnatural wind, which lifted the cloak I still wore. I was dressed as I used to, a black, slim dress, slit up to the hips for running and fighting. My waist was circled by a silver chain, fastened with an onyx moon. My pendant hung around my neck, lying against my skin bared by the low cut of my dress. My cloak was lifted back from my body, baring my shoulders to the air. My face was cold, wrathful and my eyes glowed with all of the power I possessed. I saw my image reflected in Than's eyes and a corner of my mouth lifted in an icy smile. I lazily gathered shadows in my hands, as Than just sat on his knees, staring. For the first time since I had been exiled, I felt strong and fierce, like a real Goddess. My head was held proud, and for once, I looked every bit the Goddess of the Night.

The End

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