Her house was amazing same sort of stone that her temple was made out of I guess it helped her feel much more at home. We sat round a table Nyx and Thantos round one side, and Primerose and I facing. It annoyed me the looks Thantos was giving me. But I bit my tongue knowing this was a chat not a fight.

I looked at Primoerose and glared at me I looked down and noticed ner necklace, thats funny she want wearing it before. "Primerose your necklace when did you get it" I said softly knowing she was in a bad mood and I really didnt want to upset her.

"Well when you locked me in your house with those creepy little people Zeus visited me and gave me it along with some speech reminding me who I was" My blood boiled he was trying to take her away from because she beloged to them she was a light Goddess.

"Well Primerose you are a Light Goddess you really dont belong with a Dark God never mind the Undergrounnd God" Thantos said smirking I shot a glare at him, and grinned.

"Enough this is my house my rules so shut up" Nyx warned us and nodded and looked away, I didnt want her to upset seen as though she just found out who I was. I was deep in thought memories flooding back of my dear Elizabeth of how we met...


It was a sunny afternoon and I escaped from chains of my farther, by sneaking out of the servents entrance. I ran through a meadow where I was stopped by Five mean about three years older than me.

"Oh look Than the Lords son goning for a little walk, wheres your guards now" they all nugded eachother and laughed they surrounded me and began to push me into eachother.

I glard at them "I order you to me leave me alone" I warned them and they laughed one punched me in the stomach, I leaned of trying to catch my breathe and the booted me to the ground.

"Gonna tell Daddy on us, get us locked up? take more money off us so selfish nobles" they began kicking in the stomach, back whereever they could. I was in so much pain I couldnt hear what they were saying.

Then for some reason I heard a young lady shout "Stop what you are doing" They laughed at her.

"awww look it's the Priestess of Nyx what are you doing out of your temple isnt dangurous to be out little lady?"  They all laughed along as I was fighting the urge to drift of into unconciousness.

" I call upon the Powers of nature, Wind get rid of these men so I can help the injured" just as she spoke a just of wind came and picked them up and and throw them across the meadow. I heard them get up and run away.

I opened my eyes and saw a young lady with long black curly hair, white skin and on her forhead was a cresent moon the sign, of a high priestess. She wore a jade green dress her lips a natural and her blue eyes shone.

"My they did some damaage to you" with that she helped me stand up and put me apon a horse with that I could not fight the urge to sleep much more.


"Than" Primerose shouted shaking my shoulders I blinked a couple time and looked around. I guess I got to carried away thinking about that fateful day.

"Oh sorry I was thinking about... Well that doesnt matter what did I miss" I said sounding slightly guitly. I looked over to Nyx who looked slightly amused that I was daydreaming.

"Well I guess you haven't changed that much but we were discussing how it is right for Primerose to be around the light not the Dark what do you have to say" I looked right into her eyes I thought I saw a slight hint of jealousy but it vanished.

"Well I think it is wrong to force anyone to do what they do not want to do, besides Nyx you can't comment on what is right and wrong seen as though you have history with a certian light God" She hissed at me and put me hands up showing I was here for peace.

"Im just saying why do you care who is with me when you are so cosy with a Guy who happily dropped you when you got kicked out by the almighty Zues" I glanced over and Thantos you was seething.

"That was not his fault and you know that" Nyx spat out at me glaring.

I looked at her calmly "No, no I dont know that Nyx. When I was human I saw you as a wild, free Goddess that no-one could tame. But now I see your not as strong willed as you were made out to be thats why you belong with the other God's and Goddess's in that silly realm"

I stood up and looked starighted ahead, Primerose did belong with them. "Thats where you belong Primerose go back there and claim your Rightful title. With that I walked out of Nyx's home.

Primerose ran after me and jumped in my back I stopped "Where do you think your going" She hissed down my ear.

"I am going home Primerose and your going bacj where you belong" I said in a hard voice. She Pushed me to the floor and sat on my back.

"How do you know where I belong you know nothing about me so dont tell me what to do" Her voice was ice cold, but I knew this was the right thing to do.

"I know you dont belong with me your Light godess now get off me before I hurt you even more than before" she got up and looked at me shocked. I walked to as and she back until I had right against a tree.

"You are nothing to me Primerose apart for a pain that gets in my way" I said glaring at her.

"But you need me Tha you said so I make forgot who you are" she said pleading almost close to tears. I banged my hand on the tree.

"I need no-one got that and I defiantly dont need you" I walked awat from her and she feel to her kness staring after me.

I opened a portal and entered the Garden to my house I fell to my knees looking at my refelction in the lake. Zues apeared behind me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"It was the best thing to do Than" I nodded not knowing what else to say, everything inside was churning I had lost the tiny piece of Happiness I had left. An there was nothing I could to get it back.

The End

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