I looked up, shocked at the sight of Than here, in my realm. Thantos growled at him, and there was part of me that would have done the same, but curiosity won out. I put my hand gently on Thantos' arm, smiling at him before going after Than.

"Hey Than, wait" I called after him. Thankfully he slowed down, in the shade of some trees.

"Nyx dont go with him you-" Thantos began to say but I cut him off.

"I go where I want Thantos and right now I'm going with Than." I replied shortly. I went to Than, leading him into a forest.

 "What do you want Than, you had no right coming finding me" I laced each word with venom. I wanted to be with Thantos, not here, facing Than yet again. He flinched, looking at his feet.

"I know. I'm sorry. I didn't even mean to come here, I was walking and I was thinking about a Poem I was once wrote and well I said it out loud and I ended up here. I am really sorry for all the pain I have caused you Nyx I never meant and me being here now. Elizabeth would be ashamed of me"

His words tumbled out in a rush and I could hear the sencerity in his mind as well as his words. I felt sorry for him and stepped forward, putting my hand on his shoulder.

"Please tell me the poem"  He nodded, speaking low as he recited the words.

"Midnight is the best to meet thee
The one no-one could tame
The one human kind loved
The one time forgot

Arh at last our paths meet
My Goddess of night
Known as Nyx
She stood at my window beckoning me

Her face framed with clack curls
Her Purple eyes shone with lonlieness
her slender body glowed in the night
The only women night belonged too"

I froze the instant the first line had ended. When he had finished, Than glanced at me, confused.

I shook my head as I spoke, furious. "No. It cant be you, you died a long time, you couldn't have written that poem you LIAR"

I pinned him to a tree with my powers, his face a pale mask of shock.

"A young man wrote that poem, and honored it to me in a temple, just after that my temple got attacked and he died protecting it and one of my priestess" M voice wavered. It had been my hight preistess, a girl who had been given to me from her birth. I had cared for her and protected her for the entirety of her life. But the men had attacked and Zeus had prevented me going to save her. That girl had been like a child to me.

Than sighed. "They still killed my Ellie"

Ellie. A nickname I had given the girl when she was first given to me. She had loved the elephants I'd conjured from shadows for her. She'd giggled in a way only a child can. From then, I'd always called her Ellie. I gasped, stepping back from Than. He fell down, gasping air into his lungs.

 "But how? You died... I saw you die." Than sank to the floor painfully. 

"I told you already, I had a duel but the thing is he took me to the underwolrd to make sure he won, which he didnt. Either I died or I just became what I am today, a God that doesnt belong any where" Than replied quietly, pain evident in his voice.

A branch craked above us, stopping me replying. Hissing, Than brought the intruder down, pinning them underneath his body.Primrose. After a few moments, Than pulled her up. She threw a punch at him, but screamed, apparently breaking her hand. I sat back, amused. Than made a show of healing it.

"Better?" he asked, ignoring me totally.

She nodded and blushed, which made him grin more. I rolled my eyes, sighing. There was no way I was going to say anything important in front of her.

"Nyx." Thantos softly called through the trees, appearing from the shadow. I smiled brightly, stepping to meet him. He wrapped his arms around me and I lay my head on his chest, closing my eyes briefly. I looked up at him, feeling happier that he was here.

"You were taking too long." He smiled softly, putting a hand gently on my cheek. I smiled, looking down. Thantos kissed my forehead.

"I don't like leaving you." he murmured, making me look up again.

"Good thing I'm not going anywhere then." I smiled up at him, looking him right in the eye.

Than cleared his throat, making me spin round to face him again. Thantos draped his arms over my shoulders protectively. I glanced at Primrose who was shivering. It was then I noticed the cool air around us.

"Lets get inside at least. Its cold."

I lead them inside. Despite the black exterior, inside my house, everything was gleaming, white marble and moonstone, edged with black onyx. Mostly, rooms were open, but there were bedrooms and other rooms closed off. I took Thantos' hand as we went through the rooms, taking in the place I had missed so much. We settled in the living room, the sofas deep and rich in colour. A fire sprang up in the grate.

"I think its time we all talked."

The End

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