I was so confused and the only way to solve this was to talk her, the poem I once heard was going round and round in my mind like a track that no-one would change. It was a poem I was wrote when I was just a teenager, I closed my eyes and decided it was time to say it out loud.

"Midnight is the best to meet thee
The one no-one could tame
The one human kind loved
The one time forgot

Arh at last our paths meet
My Goddess of night
Known as Nyx
She stood at my window beckoning me

Her face framed with clack curls
Her Purple eyes shone with lonlieness
her slender body glowed in the night
The only women night belonged too"

I opened my eyes and I want in my woods I was in a different world, how the hell did I end up here I looked around and wished I didnt look. Nyx was lay in the grass with Thantos ly over her.  Thantos

"Nyx?" My voice was quiet, I didnt know how I got here. But it was too late to turn back. Thantos rolled off her growling,  she sat up staring at me in surprise her hair was slightly messed up, though she stilled looked perfect.

"Than" She sounded surprised, her eyes showed a mix of emotions, confusion, anfer, and relief.

"What do you want?" Thantos growled at me annoed I had disturbed them. so I began to walk away.

"Hey than wait" I heard Nyx called me. so I sloweed my pace.

"Nyx dont go with him you-" I heard Thantos whine but she cut him off.

"I go where I want Thantos and right now Im going with Than" she snapped at him. We stopped walked deep into the forest so Thantos couldnt hear or see us, Nyx stood infront of me with arms crossed glaring at me.

"What do you want Than, you had no right coming finding me" each word coated in venom I flinched and looked down.

"I know Im sorry I didnt evan mean to come here, I was walking and I was thinking about a Poem I was once wrote and well I said it out loud and I ended up here. I am really sorry for all the pain I have caused you Nyx I never meant and me being here now. Elizabeth would be ashamed of me" I said in a rush I did dare look at her.

She stepped foward and placed a hand on my shoulder"Please tell me the poem" I nodded and told her the poem her whole body froze still. I looked at her confused.

She began to shake her head no it cant be you, you died a long time, yo couldnt have written that poem you LIAR" before I could get my head togethor she pinned me to a tree. I looked at her confused.

"A young man wrote that poem, and honored it to me in a tample, just after that my temple got attacked and he died protecting it and one of my priestess" he voice wavered.

The memory came flooding back I sighed "The still killed me Ellie" I spoke her nick and Nyx gasped and walked back. But how you died I saw you die. I sank to the floor.

"I told you already I had a duel but the thing is he took me to the underwolrd so make sure he won, which he didnt. Either I died I just came what I am today, a God that doesnt belong any where" I siad my voice quiet.

Before Nyx could say anything again, I branched snapped above us I growled and brought who ever was up there down gently, I jumped on top of them eyes glowing read and hissing.

The person we heard was Primerose, her body shook underneath me looking at my appearance. I sooned calmed down and pulled her up. As we stood, he punched in the stomach, I didnt feel a thing but I heard the crack in her hand. She screamed.

"God Than one you guard me with some creeps like some pet, then you pull me out of a tree and pin me down and now my hand is broken THANKS"
 I put my hand on stop of the hurt one, My hand glowed and within secand it was healed. She put her hand infront of her amazed.

I smiled "Better" she nodded and blushed, which mad me grin more.

The End

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