I was still thinking of last night with Than, how his lips metalled against my own, how our bodies connected with each other. Our heart beating together as one. I slipped my silk pale blue dress on with of course slits at both sides and backless to show my tattoo off. I pulled my hair into a lose bun some crinkle's falling out naturally.

My hand graced along my blare neck thinking of were my necklace used to be. Like Nyx I didn't have my goddess necklace even though she has being given her title back after she got took of her. Well I rejected mine, well my mothers. My mother's were golden circle and in the circle was a Skylark bird due to our family name. I never knew my father no-one never mentioned him so I took my mothers name.

"Looking for something"? A deep voice came from behind me. Zeus in all his glory. "Morning Primrose."

"Morning Zeus." My voice was a little wobbly when I spoke. Something about Zeus just gave off god! I don't know what it was. Seeing him there looking all powerful.

"We never really got to catch up with each other the other day. How are you now after the accident?" He half smile at the word accident, it wasn't a accident Than meant to do it. Of course he regretted it now.

"I'm fine, thank you there wasn't any other way. I didn't really have a choice in the matter." I turned back to the mirror fiddling with my already neat hair.

"I have something for you Primrose." He said crossing the distastes between us. 

"Look I don't want it Zeus. It was my mothers anyway my abilities are different to hers." He opened his hand and their in his palm was a tiny golden necklace. I gasped touching the chain and the pendant. "It was designed for you, yes it has your family name, but it has your flower." It was the completely the same copy of my tattoo. Primrose flowers joined together in a circle with a tiny skylark bird in the middle.

"It's beautiful." I gasped out taking it in my hands.

"Well either way its yours. But I must speck with you about something that come to my attention." Zeus carefully took the necklace from me and placed it around my neck. It felt heavily the pendant came just below my throat.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked even though it was point obvious really.

"Than. You should know that it not right for light goddess and dark gods to mix with each other. And I think you know what I am talking about Primrose. You weren't destined for a dark god." He sighed heavy and then continued. "I told your mother before she died that I will protect you. I even let you leave here and carry on. But I do not want you to be with this Than."

"Who I want to see has nothing to do with you Zeus." My anger flared never a good sign.

"Easy Primrose, all I'm saying is that it's unheard of. Why have you got to make this hard?" He turned and walked towards my door not before muttering. "Her father side." I gasped and a tiny snarl even came from my throat.

"Yer well you must tell me about him someday!" I shouted at the closed door. I screamed out in frustration hitting my pillows fearing tears in my eyes. I went out the room slamming the door behind me.

"And where do you think your going? I turned to face the creepy little voice that had stopped me in my tracks. It came from the shadows we two of them. Small and hidden by cloaks.

"Why is that any of your business?" I asked looking down to them.

"Well it is our business pretty light goddess." The other creepy voice said to me.

"Than told us to watch over you." The first one replied to me. "For a price of course." I could hear it lick its lips, making me wonder what the price was.

"I don't need it, so you're free to go back to where you came." I said walking away. One of the hidden cloaks went in front stopping me again, the other was behind me. Ugh I really didn't like this. Thankfully to my advantage we were in the gardens. Where my abilities were they stronger, when I was around the nature.

"So are you going to let me go?" I simply asked them.

"Not until Than comes back. While called be some time, so why don't you just go back to you room and paint your nails." The one facing me said. A small smile played over my lips as I crouched down calling on the nature.

"I was hoping you would say that." Now I was in fighting mode which didn't really happen a lot but when it did. Boy it kicked in. The wind picked up around me, leaves surrounded my body I sent them flying to the hidden cloak in front of me sending it flying into the trees. I heard the one behind leapt for my back, I duck and hit it hard across the face. It growled and ran for me again; I kick it hard sending that to into the same tree. The branches on the tree wrapped around their bodies hanging them upside down.

I casually walked towards them smiling. "I'll be going now; you don't ever order me around."

"Wow, you really hot when you get all angry. Didn't know you could fight like that."  I slapped him making him bleed. "Hey just because you're a light goddess doesn't mean you"-

I hit the other one too, how dare it speck to me like that. I walked away leaving them scrubbing between themselves. I laughed leaving the other realm. I climbed up to the trees leaping from one branch to the next. It felt good to be home.   


The End

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