I pulled Primerose to the floor I lightly lay her on the floor as I leaned over her a lips still incontact, she made the sweetest little squeals that made me want to hear them more. Our hands ran over each others body leaving trials of heat behind. How could anyone make me lust for them as much as I do now? and of ll people a light Goddess.

She uncliped the chain that held my cloak around my neck and slid it off I forze I let anyone see without my cloak on. She looked up at me her eyes fully of amazment as she just looked at me up and down. It made me feel umcomfortable as the shirts I could get for my size were tight and showed my toned bodt too well. I leant down kissed her neck.

I lifted her up bridal wa and carried her to the frour poster bed and lay her down, she looked up at me her eyes full of confusion. I brushed the hair out of her face. I wanted to stay here and forget about who i was more but I was just putting it off more and more.

I sighed " I willwill you till you fall asleep but then I have buissness to take care" of I nodded toward my scythe leaning in the corner of the room shuddered looking at it and I felt a pang of guilt so I leant down kissed her forhead. and pulled her close.

We lay like this until I heard her breathing evan out I stood up trying to make little sounds to disturb her, My Goddess, my Light Goddess and no-one would ever take her away from me. I put my cloak on and grabbed my scythe. I opened the doors in my room shut them behind me I looked at the view in front of me.

The sky was oranges and pinks blended togethor,the clouds looked black agasint it looked how I felt out of place. Whe did I belong ? Well honestly I didnt belong any where I made deal to save the on I loved. She died and I cut my-self off from all of humanity.

I called to of my demons they were about 5 foot and both cloaked so no-one could see them there names was Alex and Alice or the double a twins.
"Ok double A I need you too watch that Goddess in ther for me while I do some buisness"

Alex whined "mmm a goddess hse pretty? wait urhh she a light, wait what she doing in your bed? You know your destened to be with a dark Goddess not her I-" I clamped my hand over his mouth and Alice stood and giggles.

"Ill keep an eye on her and make sure he keeps his mucky poures off her but you know what I want in retun" if you could see her face you would see the evil grin. I always knew what she wanted I took my scythe cut my hand. she launched her self onto it and licked the blood that was escaping when she pulled away she sighed. "thankyou master now off you go" I jumped off the banaster. My head full of images and only of two people Nyx and Primerose. Why did  they both have to remind me of my beloved Elizabeth, if she was here she would be ashamed of me.

The End

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