"Nyx, I have to go in ahead..." Thantos muttered, clearly not happy about it. I just nodded, looking down. I definatly did not want him to go anywhere right now.

"Hey, don't worry." Thantos murmured softly, taking my chin gently. I was foced to look into his eyes and everything seemed to freeze for a few moments. All I could see was Thantos; his stunnung green eyes, his immensely strong body, his big but gentle hands..

 "I won't leave your side..." he finished, trailing off. 

My eyes were still locked with his. A smile flickered across my lips. I didn't want to move at all, happy to be paralysed by Thantos' eyes. He softly placed his hand along my cheek sending thrills through my entire body. He still hadn't looked away. We were barely breathing and everything else around us had seeminly faded away. Moving achingly slowly, Thantos bent down, brushing his lips lazily across mine. We both caught our breath. There was a frozen moment, neither of us sure what the other was thinking. I sensed the panic from Thantos. And that decided me.

 I reached up to kiss him back. I then slid my hands slowly down his chest, enjoying the feel of lean muscle under my palms. He shivered slightly, making me smile a little. I left my hands on his chest for a moment, then wrapped them around his waist, hugging him tighly to me. The length of our bodies touched and my skin felt as though static was crackling all over. I sighed slightly and put my head on his chest, closing my eyes. When Thantos wrapped his arms around me, it was as though nothing would be able to touch us. I never wanted to move.

"You should go inside Thantos." I murmured eventually. "I will come and find you as soon as I can."

He nodded. "I'll be waiting for you."

I smiled then, putting all the happiness I felt into it. Thantos smiled back, looking a little dazed.

"Go," I whispered, "It's starting!"

He nodded once, kissing the top of my head before going inside the Temple. Without him there, I suddenly felt cold and alone. I touched my lips lightly and smiled, stunned at what had happened.

The presentation went by without anything unusual happening. Apollo was notable by his absence. Finally, Thantos and I could leave.

"Home?" he asked, sliding one arm around my waist. I nodded and he created a portal, pulling me through fter him. We stumbled out into a cool night. There were vast lawns, scattered with slender trees and still ponds, connected by streams. Faintly, a glow in the distance marked the Gates to Hell. There was a nightingale singing somewhere. Otherwise all was quiet.

"Welcome back Nyx." Thantos murmured. He had brought me to my favorite place in the grounds. Under a soaring willow, we were next to a pond, both were set on a rise, which let you look over the whole area, as far as it was possible to see. It was a clear night and you could see the sprawling villa at the centre of the grounds. The moonlight glanced off the dark outer marble, rendering it almost invisible.

I turned around to thank Thantos, when he gently took my face in both hands and kissed me. This was not the light, hesitant kiss like before. His lips moved against mine confidently, and I returned the kiss with equal force. His hands began to move down, ending up on my hips. I placed mine on each of his cheeks as he deepened the kiss. Thantos gently leaned me back, not breaking the kiss, and lay me across the cool grass. My hands wandered across his chest and back as he braced himself over me. I felt completely safe. Eventually, we broke apart, breathless. Thantos had one hand around my waist, the other bracing him on the ground. I had both of my arms wrapped around his neck.

"Its good to be back" I whispered.

The End

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