When Nyx had finally calmed down, we went to a Council of the High Gods. It was time for the announcement that Nyx had been cleared of all charges. I could tell she was nervous as the night faded into a twilight half-light, which was the only level that both Light and Dark Gods could feel equal in.

We could hear the rumble of voices from inside the Temple as we paused.

"Nyx, I have to go in ahead..." I felt so guilty for leaving her, I wanted to be there to walk her in, to look all of the Gods in the eye and show them how wrong they had been. Show them who was really to blame.

Nyx just nodded, looking down.

"Hey, don't worry." I murmured softly, tilting her chin up so she looked into my eyes. "It will only be for a few minutes okay? Once Zeus has presented you, I won't leave your side..."

Nyx smiled briefly her beautiful violet eyes locked on mine. I felt breathless, a slow warmth spreading through me. I lay one hand gently along her cheek, never breaking eye contact. I bent my head down and brushed my lips across hers. My breath caught as she gasped. There was a moment when I though she was going to push me away and I panicked. Then she reached up, wrapping her arms around my neck. She kissed me softly back then slid her arms down, over my chest, leaving burning trails where she touched me. I shivered slightly, bringing a small smile from Nyx. She sighed, hugging me closely. She put her head on my chest, closing her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling like nothing could touch us.

"You should go inside Thantos." She murmured. "I will come and find you as soon as I can."

I nodded. "I'll be waiting for you."

Nyx smiled then, a blinding flash of happiness. I couldn't help smiling back, still stunned by her beauty.

"Go," she whispered, "It's starting!"

The End

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