"One more thing-I do not like you following me around Thantos. Just because I use my own transport. Besides you could be classed as a stalker. Wouldn't want that now would we?" Than grinned again he stormed off following him, I threw Nyx a sympathetic look. I felt sorry for her she cared so much for both of them; she had so much happen to her. She just. Strong and powerful. I wondered who would win in a fight, if me and her had a fight. Hmm well I don't want to find out. Suddenly Than stopped, bumped right into the muscular built god. I was still rubbing my arm from where Thantos had pulled me and Than earlier.

"Sorry about." He said turning to face me looking into my eyes.

"You know what Than, for a dark god you seem to apologize too much." I joked taking his hands, feeling the electric shock go up my arm. Our eyes locked, no-one was breathing and my tummy flipped. I gasped and broke away. This couldn't be happening. He was a dark god! I was a light goddess! Things like this just didn't happen. Weren't meant to happen.

"Only when I am around you. Sometimes I just forget who I am, what I am. Years and years of seeing death and evil, darkness." He looked thoughtful for a moment, wearily taking my hands again sighing and saying. "But, when I'm with you. I forget about all the pain that I've seen. Heart ach. When I see your golden eyes look at me,  well how can I put it." He looked away but only briefly, he walked me to a bench near by and we both sat down.

"When you look into my see the real me...and that scarce me..." He told me in a quite but strong voice, looking at my reaction. All I could do was stare at him, His beautiful body, he looked so. Valuable sitting there pouring his heart out to me. I place my hand on the side of his face, I seen him shudder feeling the electric current follow from my body to his.

"Hold me tight...and whatever you do...don't let me go..."Repeating what my mother had told me once when I was a little girl. Strange thing to say to someone, but it seemed right in this moment. Than caught my hand kissing it, then kissing up my arm, eyes still locked with my own.

Suddenly, I was in his arms and this time I didn't fight with him. Even when we reached my room he didn't put me down.

"I won't ever let you go Primrose." He promised. Something crossed my mind, I turned away from him which felt painful. He put me on the floor puzzled.

"It would never work. We can't light and dark they don't mix. Fire and ice. Your and dark god and I'm a light goddess. We should even cross paths." I was pacing in my room now looking at the floor. "It's unheard of. I should have just stayed where I was. Again and again it's my fault."

"Light and dark they just don't mix with each other. We can't get involved. Your dark and I'm ligh-

Than had me pinned against my wall making me stop blabbering. His lips lightly wearily touched mine. We both gasped, still not moving.

"Yer you're right. Light goddess shouldn't really be"-

I leant forward and kissed his soft tender lips. We broke away again.

"No, this couldn't work." I whispered closing my eyes breathing in his strong dark scent. It was soo exotic to me and strange being this close to a dark god. I felt wild and hot all over. We kissed again; my arms went up his back, feeling his shoulder blades under my bare hands. Than hands slide around my body. The kiss deepened, stronger. When we pulled away for air, the room was spinning. We were both breathing deeply, still holding each other.

Then somehow we started kissing again, we both fell to the floor. My back not noticing the hard floor underneath me. His hands going up my body, and then copying, my hands going up his body. He took his lips away kissing my jaw line, collar bone. My skin tingles under his touch. Never in my life I had felt as happy as I did right now with Than.    

The End

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