I walked away from Thantos after Than and Primrose disappeared. I thought I would never see them again and I did not want Thantos to see me cry again. I didn't want him to think I was weak. I found an empty room and made it dark, shutting the door behind me. I don't know how long I was sitting there when Zeus found me.

"Nyx, would you mind letting a little light in here?" he asked gently, for once, acknowledging my feelings. I let the shadows disperse to a kind of half light, one that both Light and Dark gods could find comfortable.

"What would you like to talk about?" I asked tonelessly still staring out onto the gardens. Thantos had been wandering around for a while but I'd lost sight of him.

"Nyx, a lot of information has come to light since you were banished... Partly due to the efforts of you friends Thantos and Hades but also, Hermes has conducted some investigations on my behalf. I now know how you were set up as a scapegoat and that my judgememnt on you was unfair. If you would accept them, I believe these belong to you. "

He handed me a black robe and a sliver chain. They were as familiar to me as my half-swords and my powers. They were the sign that I was a High Member of the pantheon. All High Members wore them as it was a sign to the other gods of their powers. Without them, the High Gods frequently went rogue and overreached themselves. As the equal to the King of the Dark Gods, when these were removed, I had been banished to the Other as a measure against this. Now Zeus was handing me the chance to come back.

"You have some true friends here, Nyx." Zeus said "And I am truly sorry for the way you have been treated for the past years. If there is anything I can do to repay you, do not hesitate to call on me. I hope you can begin to readress the balance here. Apollo has become arrogant in your absence, and the sun shines constantly." He leaned in closer "Between you and me, I do like to have night occasionally." he winked, and I couldn't help giggling. Zeus smiled then laughed. "I do hope you will return to us soon Nyx." He continued, getting up. "You have been missed, even if it may not seem it. And, the discovery has been made public. Your name is now clear."

I said nothing as he left, stunned. I just sat staring at the robe. I could feel the cool silk lining against my skin where my dress had slid off my leg. The heavy velvet black was familiar as breathing. But it was the beautiful onyx and silver pendant that I had missed the most. The small onyx running wolf, set into a cresent moon of silver lay cool against my palm. I colsed my eyes, pure happiness running through me. I could finally come back to where I belonged.

Thantos came in. He helped me put on the robes, understanding the importance of this to me.

"Welcome home." He murmured and the words were like music to me.

Finally, he took me out to whatever it was he wanted to show me. Than and Primrose were standing in the garden. I froze.

"Well Nyx, your little jerk has threatened to put me in hell if I dont make you happy and well the thing is, jerk, I'm god of the underground which make me in charge of anything evil including your silly little hell. Got it? So Zeus is  God of Gods-the thing is he is only that for the Light Gods, and I am for the Dark Gods" Than snapped out. My anger flared. What Than failed to realise was that Thantos controlled Hell absolutely. Like I controlled night absolutely. Than may be the Kind of Dark Gods, but in Hell, no one could best Thantos. If Than entered there, Thantos could destroy him. Thantos also controlled all evil souls as well, many of whom would possess even the strongest soul. Than could scoff but everyone knew, in some areas, even the King should have the grace to admit he was weaker. I could feel Thantos beginning to blurt out all of this, when Zeus chuckled, coming up behind us.

Than smiled at him and shook his hand. "Sorry to let the seceret slip dear friend but this guy" pointing at Thantos "Is really making me mad saying he will throw me in hell" Zeus turned to Thantos.

"Thantos you a High God here, now would you throw me in to your little hell? I think not besides you are a Dark God so really you fall under Than" Than smilled at him "so I do not wish you to ever insult him do I make my-self clear" Zeus then glanced at me. I was completely enraged by this point, the sky seething. He was being completely two-faced. Thantos nodded and looked away Zeus and Than bowed to each other and he walked away.

"Im sorry for that display but I really do hate being told what to do expecially some like you and this is from me Nyx not becaouse someone has told me to I am truly sorry for all he pain I have ever caused you. I did not mean to I can you have joined back here and I will truly miss you maybe I will step in from time to time" Than walked forward lifted my hand and kissed it lightly "for now my dear Nyx farewell"

I clenched my jaw in anger. I resisted theurge to snatch my hand back and slap him. He smirked and turned making a portal.

 "One more thing-I do not like you following me around Thantos. Just because I use my own transport. Besides you could be classed as a stalker. Wouldn't want that now would we?" Than grinned again and walked off with Primrose, who threw me a sympathetic look as she left.

I screamed in frustration. "That arogant ASS! How dare he assume he can take over everything?! He's not even from this pantheon. And Zeus!"

"What about Zeus?" a deep voice asked.

"You know full well what I am talking about!" I yelled, the air crackling, the sky seething, "You know Thantos could destroy Than in a second if he set foot in Hell, and you humiliated him in front of those two! After what you said..."

"I did what I had to in order to keep Than happy." Zeus replied flatly. " I know, I essentially lied to Than, but it was better that than have another fight here."

I nodded. "Next time, if youlie, I will have to show you up, you do realise. I do control the truth remember."

He nodded. "I understand. Take care Nyx."

The End

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