This giy was getting on my nerves teeling me I would go to hell I own the underground and control all evil so  really if I wanted to I can conrol him.

"Well Nyx you little gerk has threatened to put me in hell if I dont make you happy and well the thing is jerk Im god of the undergrund which make me incharge of anything evil including you silly little hell got it so Zues is  God of Gods the thing is he is only that for the light Gods, and I am for the Dark Gods" Thantos was glaring at me and both Primerose and Nyx was staring at me in shock.

I herd a deep chuckle work up behind me I turned round to see a tall muscelar Man it was Zeus I smiled at him and shook his has. "sorry to let the seceret sleep dear friend but this guy" pointing and Thantos "Is really making me mad saying he will throw me in hell" Zeus's face turned stern and looked straight at Thantos.

"Thantos you a high God here now would you throw me in to your little hell? I think not besides you are a Dark God so really you fall under Than" I smilled at him my eyes shining red "so I do not wish you to ever insult him do I make my-self clear" Thantos nodded and looked away Zeus and I bowed to each other and he walked away.

"Im sorry for that display but I really do hate being told what to do expecially some like you and this is from me Nyx not becaouse someone has told me to I am truly sorry for all he pain Ihave ever caused you I did not mean to I can you have joined back here and I will truly miss you maybe I will step in from time to time" I walked forward lifted her hand and kissed it lightly "for now my dear Nyx farewell"

With that I made a new portal and turned to look at Thantos "one more thing I d not like you following me around Thantos just becaouse I use my own transpors besides you could be classed as a stalker wouldnt want that now would we" I grinned at him and walked threw the portal with Primerose.

The End

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