"Back to where I should belong, away from here. I've caused so much trouble for you. If I hadn't shown up, then you and Nyx could have finished what you had started." Primrose said. I ignored her for a split second.

"Primrose, listen"-

"Started what exactly?" I said in a low voice, which somehow carried across the entire space. Others from the pantheon drifted close, but stayed away when they saw what Nyx's powers were doing to the sky. Apollo however, had to stick his nose in.

 "Having some trouble?"

"Stay out of this Apollo!" Both Nyx and Primrose yelled at him simultaneously. Any other time I would have laughed.

I felt Nyx tense in my arms and I was sure she was reliving that moment all over again, as she did every time Apollo came near. When we all abandoned her. Than however, still had his eyes fixed in Primorse.

Why doesn't he stop messing around, leading them both on? Why doesn't he choose Primrose and let us be?

She said something quietly to him and left. Than turned back to us, looking at Nyx. She looked disconnected, her eyes blank. I'd seen her look like that once before, when the pantheon turned on her.

 "Than started what exactly?" I glared at him, challenging him to try and take Nyx away from me.

"Well that isnt any of you buisness is it? besides I want the one who rejected her when everyone else was did you-" Than began to rant but was interrupted by Nyx, who seemingly came back to life, stepping away from me.

"Enough. Both of you. Than is right it isnt your buisness. But theres no need to have a go at Thantos." Than at least had the grace to look down.

"I'm going now Nyx. I hate it here and well you know where to find me." With that Than conjured up a portal and left, ignoring Nyx calling after him. She stood a moment, stricken, then turned to face me, her face completely blank.

"I'll see you later." she said, her voice devoid of emotion and tone. She sounded dead.

"Nyx-" I stepped forward to try and comfort her, but she brushed past me, visibly shaking. I started to call after her but was left ignored. I wandered in the gardens for the rest of the day, noting that the sun abruptly reappeared a few minutes after she left.

Shes shutting down, pretending nothing happened. Her face... It was like the banishment all over again. Only this time shes lost the first friend she has had other than me and Hades for centuries.

I created a temporary portal and stepped through. In front of me, surrounded by forest, were Than and Primrose. Using my powers, I grabbed both of them, throwing them through the portal and sealing it behind them.

"Before you try to go back," I growled "Zeus has issued orders that anyone creating portals who are not fo this pantheon will go directly into my domain. Hell. So you were lucky Than. Next time, you'll be my permanent guest. You listen up. Nyx is hurting real bad at the moment and you pair are the reason. Make it right. I don't care how. Just stop her from hurting."

I walked off, before they could do more than grumble about bruises. The air crackled with energy as it frequently did when I was pissed off. I went into one of the rooms, meaning to lie down and came across Nyx.

"Oh...I didn't realise- Nyx? You're crying.. what's happened?"

I went over to her, putting my arm over her shoulder, she held a black cloak on her lap, a deep purple lining just visible. A long silver chain was coiled over it,  a familiar pendant of an onyx running wolf set into a sliver cresent moon glimmering in the half-light that filled the room.

"Zeus.. He-he.." she took a shuddering breath. "He reinstated me. I'm back in the pantheon Thantos." She looked at me wide-eyed. "They ended the exile. I can come home."

I hugged her tightly. "Welcome back Nyx. Theres a couple of people waiting for you though."

I helped her put her official clothes on. She looked even more stunning in them, her hair falling loosely over one shoulder, the silver chain wrapped over the slim black dress she wore, around her waist. The pendant almost glowed. the cloak fell perfectly over her shoulders. She smiled shyly.

"I never thought I would wear these again." she whispered.

"You're back where you belong. Now come on." I smiled, leading her to the garden where Than and Primrose were waiting.

Nyx said nothing as they both took in her official wear.

"Don;t you two have something to say?" I said, not agressive, but in a manner that meant they had to reply.

The End

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