I let Primerose go, I didnt like seeing her sad. But I knew I would go try and find her later on, I cared for her more than I understood.

I turned back to thantos and Nyx and some dreamy expression, was she thinking about what we were doing in the woods. "Than started what exactly?" Thantos glared at me.

"Well that isnt any of you buisness is it? besides I want the one who rejected her when everyone else was did you-" Nxy interupted me "Enough both of you than is right it isnt your buisness but theres no need to have ago at Thantos" I looked away

"Im going now Nyx I hate it here and well you know where to find me. I waved my hand and a portal opened I stepped into ignoring the fact Nxy was calling my name.

When I stopped out into the real world, I saw Primeros leaning against a tree the her eyes closed. "Primose" I called her name the wolf stood up and growled, but I just ignored her. Primerose look up at me shocked.

"What are you dong here?" she asked rushing to get her words out.  sat down besides her. "The thing is I hate it there, but I dont realy like stayinginthe undrworld either full of evil souls and demons, so I liked to live in this world" I smiled back at her. "May I ask you a question, where do you sleep ?" she looked up at me confused.

"in te woods why? I stared down at her completly shocked. I stood up and offered her my hand, she took it she was smaller than me and her hand disapeared in mine. "In sorry but I am not allowing you to sleep in the woods, a goddess such as your-self should sleep indoors. I own a place of my own with a couple of spare rooms, your welcome to stay in so what do you say" 

she started to fidjit with her hands, I could my heart rate increase slighty I wanted more than anything for her to accept my awnser I wanted her close to me soI could protect her. I think thats why isnt it ?

The End

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