"Stop"I whispered I didn't like where this was heading, there was no need to fight. It was my entire fault, if I hadn't sensed Nyx and Than. If I hadn't been so lonely then they could have being together. Both dark gods together, that's how it should be. I was stood in front of him, my shaking hand on his muscular chest. My eyes let out a few tears it was strange letting out tears for someone else. "Stop Than please stop I just want to go back to the forests please" I begged to him. His eyes looked down at me seeing my worried expression. My silver dress flowed around my body, my hair was half up pinned in by purple flowers.

 "I am sorry if I had scared you. We can go now" Than replied with such kindness in his voice. His words clamed me down making me sigh with relief knowing that no one was going to fight. Fair enough I could fight when the times did come, but this was not my fight.

Than went over to Nyx and whisper something in her ears, Thantos who I haven't been introduce to yet, didn't like Than being so close to her. Nyx's eyes began to tears up. Whoa this is weird; both goddesses having tears in their eyes this was just strange. I needed to get away from here, back to the safety of the forest. That's when Nyx flipped. I could see that she was torn  between them both. Losing each of them. She hated being in this word, with all the other gods and goddess. Just like me, in some ways we had so much in common though we would never admit that.

I started to walk away from the scene before me, Than eyes whiled back to me making me stop.

"Where are you going?"  He asked holding by my arms, I couldn't look at him instead I was playing with my sliver ring on my finger.

"Back to where I should belong, away from here. I've caused so much trouble for you. If I hadn't shown up, then you and Nyx could have finished what you had started." I tired to move away but his grip only tightened on my arms.

"Primrose, listen"-

"Started what exactly"? Thantos asked looking up from Nyx's head his face full of wonder. Dam! Everyone turned to look at me other gods and goddess started to gather around us. Apollo smiling at me ugh I could rip him apart. Then he step forward into our circle. "Having some trouble"?

"Stay out of this Apollo"! Both me and Nyx said at the same time. We both looked at each other. So they had history too hmm.

He grinned but walked away, Nyx's face turned hard at whatever Apollo must have said. Than was still looking at me, I finally turned my attention to him.

"Look I need to get out of here, Sasha hates me being here too. Not being with me, able to sense me. It scares her." I told him. The look of confusion crossed his face; he dropped his hands still facing me though.

I could hear them talking again as I walked away. Turning my back on the world again. I reached to entrance, my body jumping for joy. The sun was up making the forest alive.

"Rose your back! I'm so sorry to live you, forgive me?" Sasha asked in her mind.

"Yes I am back, thank you Sasha. Of cause I do." I reassured her. She came into view then her sliver coat shinnying in the sunlight. I stroked her soft fur, she lay on her back. Then she sprang back up.

"I forgot about that." I told her, she lay back down on her tummy. I picked one of the purple flowers from my hair and took the petals off. The petals were in my hands, I made my eyes water. My tears fell into my hands making the petals turn into liquid.

"This won't hurt I promise, just open you mouth and close your eyes." I explained to her. She closed her slivery blue eyes and opened her mouth for me to place my potion into her.

Sasha drank the potion licked my hands. I stroked her back letting her head rest in my lap. I leant back again a tree, the tree mode itself around me. I said a quite thank you, closing my eyes.

"Primrose." A voice suddenly called my name. Sasha lung to her feet and faced to intruder.

"What are you doing here?" I asked a little shocked at who it was.        

The End

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