"Nyx! Wait!"

Than was the one who called. I turned slowly, feeling the pain my ice-cold glare gave him, hating myself for it.

 "Nyx I am truly sorry. I'm not good around people. I knew you are not happy here yet you brought us here because-"

He paused and I felt the guilt that ripped through him. I wanted to reach out to him, but Thantos' hand tightened on my waist, reminding me who had stood by me longer.

"Becaouse Primerose was hurt. I hurt her now she is scared for life because I didnt control my powers and now I have hurt you. And I am truly sorry your the first Dark God I have for a long time and I do wish to get to know you, more like we were in the park" he smirked then. The sky got darker as his expression made both mine and Thantos' anger flare. As a Hell God, he had some limited power over the night.

" I was waiting to make sure Primeros was safe here and going to escort her to the human world if that is where she wants to go I was hoping you would join us there?" Than looked at me pleadingly. I could tell he genuinely meant his words. Which left me with a problem. Than was asking me to leave Thantos. I felt him tense at my side, his anger barely under control.

 "You have no right to talk to Nyx like that. and now Than God of the underground I should intuduce my-self I am Thantos God of Hell. Now, since you have come here you have annoyed me... now I think it is my turn to fight you" Thantos spoke, the anger clear in his tone. His arm slide from my waist, drawing his sword. The ky went black now, and this was my doing now. I wa furious at them both. Than for hurting me all the time we had been here, and Thantos for reacting like this. For making any move I made impossibly hard. Than drew his sythe, its point gleaming wickedly. I drew on my powers, ready to throw a wall of shadows between them. Neither would be hurt.

"Well Thantos this is going to be fun Hell boy I havnt been in a fight in a long time nowlets put my powers to the test now what I did the other day was nothing" Than pulled his hood up, leaving only his eyes visible. Thantos rushed him holding his sword aloft. Than used his power of the wind to hurl Thantos across the garden, slamming him into a tree, which cracked. Thantos collapsed at the base of the tree. I ran to him, hugging him tightly as he got up. I sensed Than coming at us again. I wheeled around to face him, preparing a ball of darkness in my mind. It would stop him.. but some were leathal. Thantos stepped around me and I reached out to stop him.

"STOP. Stop Than please stop I just want to go back to the forests please" Primrose whispered to Than. I dodged Thantos and stood halfway between the Gods.

"I am sorry if I had scared you. We can go now"He replied with such kindness to her. I could see that he softened intantly just looking at her.

He looked up and saw my glare. He quickly let go of Primrose and put his scythe away. The pair walked towards me slowly.

"Its up to you it you would like to stay then feel free but if you want to come to Earth again come join me" He whispered in my ear, pulling away slightly to wait for my answer, although remaining very close. Thantos ghosted up behind me.

"Nyx..." he murmured softly. I turned to him, tears in my eyes.

"Why do you ask me to choose?!" I cried suddenly. The sky above rumbled, swirling chaotically. I turned on Than.

"YOU! YOU are the problem. You came along, made me come back here, made me face EVERYTHING I wanted to leave behind. YOU made me feel for you, even though I didn't want to. Even though..." My voice faded totally. I couldn't say out loud that I loved Thantos, even though I wanted to. I knew that when I did, I would lose Than. I didn't want that either, because I liked him too. 

"Thantos..." I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks. "Than... I-I can't chose. I hate it here.. but I don't want to lose either of you. Please.. Please don't make me choose."

Thantos pulled me into his chest, hugging me tightly. I could sense Than hovering nearby. I clung tightly to Thantos, wishing I could jut disappear. He kissed the top of my head.

"You are a truly beautiful person Nyx. Inside and out. Whatever you decide, I will always be here." He whispered into my hair. 

I love you Nyx. I know you can hear this and I don't care. I want to be with you, wherever that may be.

The End

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