"Nyx! Wait!" I called after her this thantos guy I didnt like not one bit they turned around and Nyx gave me a cold look which I wanted to look away. "Nyx I am truly sorry Im not good around people I knew you are not happy here yet you brought us here becouse" guilt swepped over me I hated hrting people though I was the God of the underworld "Becaouse Primerose was hurt I hurt her now she is scared for life because I didnt control my powers and now I have hurt you. And I am truly sorry your the first Dark God I have for a long time and I do wish to ge to know you more like we were in the park" I smirked remebering how she leaned towars me, the feeling of wanted to kiss the red lips.

" I was waiting to make sure Primeros was safe here and going to escort her to the human world if that is where she wants to go I was hoping you would join us there?" I looked ot her pleadingly and Thantos just glared ot me if this was the guy who hur her I couldnt wait to reshape his face with my fists.

"You have no right to talk to Nyx like that and now Than God of the underground I should intuduce my-self I am Thantos God of Hell now since yu come here you have annoyed me now I think it is my turn to fight you" he said coldy and I just grinned at him and pulled out my Scythe it had a long black handle that was a tall as me and the blade was silver wiched arched in to a sharp point. He did the same but pulled out a large sword now this was going to be fun.

"Well Thantos this is going to be fun Hell boy I havnt been in a fight in a long time nowlets put my powers to the test now what I did the other day was nothing" I grinned wikedly and pulled my hood up so all you was my glowing red eyes.

He ran at me holding his sword in two hands I blocke him the handle of my Scythe and went him flying back with the wind he hit a tree and fell to the floor. I chuckled he sure didnt expect that before I could charge at him.
"STOP" it was a girl voice who sounded scared and worried, I looked down infront of me to see Primeros standing infront of me with her arms put on my chest she was shaking and crying, I notice she was changed in a silver flowing dress that was shredded a little to allow her to climb. "Stop Than please stop I just want to go back to the forests please" she whispered. I scythe handle behind her and held it two hands and drew her close so she was right against me and looked into her eyes.

"I am sorry if I had scared youwe can go now" I said to her gently and she seemed to calm down. I looked up to see Nyx standing further infront of me just glaring I let go of Primerose and put my Scythe away and walked toward her with Primerose behind me "is up to you it you would like to stay then feel free but if you want to come to Earth again come join me" I whispered into her ear. and I pulled away wating for an awnser

The End

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