"I did NOTHING! Just like before Apollo. Just like always. Notice there is another dark God there, holding her. Notice the wolf beside him. I came here because no other God knows your weakness." The sky had turned black and the air felt tight with power.

I know that voice.. It can't be? Nyx?

I ran down the garden, others following me.

"Do not underestimate me Apollo." This was not my choice, but as one of the Other and of this pantheon, they needed me here. Else they would have been forced into limbo. You know that. Also, Zeus is going to be interested to know whats keeping the sun away.." Even angry, her violet eyes flashing, Nyx stood proud and beautiful. Her voice was icy cold, a tone I had not heard her use before the banishment.

Solitude has made her harsh.

"Yes, Zeus is interested. What is the meaning of this Nyx of the Night?" Zeus stepped forward from us, walking towards Nyx. Apollo was picking himself up, purple and embarassed, from where Nyx had dropped him.

That's my girl. Still got your temper and your strenght. You always were strong Nyx.

"Primrose of Nature was injured when she attacked Than of the Underground, pantheons unknown to me. She used her guide to bring us here. I was merely a spectator." Nyx faced the group. I could see the tension simmering under her skin and I ached to put my arms around her.

"And Apollo of the Sun?" he replied

"Attacked me when I entered, I merely defended myself as is my right."

"Indeed." Zeus replied, turning to the the rest of us. "Leave us."

There were mutterings from the crowd, many of them glaring at me. A lot complaining about the lack of light now. I rolled my eyes at them but stayed stubbornly where I was, held by Nyx's eyes. She had seen me.

"Thantos. You must also go." Zeus said firmly.

Damn you Zeus, I love her... I saw understanding flicker in her eyes. I supressed any other thought, turning to obey, mentally cursing Zeus for forcing me away. I caught up with Hades who had waited for me.

"You okay there 'Tos?" he muttered low enough that no one else could tell.

I nodded tersely. "I'd forgotten her temper almost." I grinned ruefully.

Hades replied with a short laugh, clapping me on the shoulder. "Thats it kid. Keep it up yeah?"

"Who're you callin' kid?" I replied, mock-pissed.

Hades waved me quiet as a few of the other Gods came close.

"Be careful guys." Athene spoke neutrally. "Don't wind anyone up if you can help it."

I winked at her. "Sure thing honey."

She shoved a spear under my nose. "Dammit Thantos-why do you always do that?"

I grinned, winding her up more. " 'Cause I can get away with it." I replied smart-assed and winked at her again before moving off without Hades. I saw Nyx going into one of the rooms. I waited while a big guy went inside, then hovered outside. Seconds later Nyx almost ran out of the rooms, clearly upset.

"Don't worry Than. With any luck this will be the last time you see me." she threw the owrds over her shoulder in a slightly choked but still proud voce.

She ran straight into me. Instantly I wrapped my arms around her tightly, then looked right into her beautiful eyes. The feel of her in my arms again made me feel alive.

"Nyx.. It has been too long." I smiled. She settled against my chest and it was all I could do not to tilt her head back, to look into those eyes again. To brush my lips over hers.. "I've missed you Thantos." she murmured against my chest quietly and I practically sang.  

"Who is this?" a big bloke demanded, coming out of the room behind Nyx. "Nyx.. what are you talking about?"

"This is Thantos. And I made myself perfectly clear. I know where I'm not wanted." she replied, clearly not wanting to talk to him.

"Who are you?" I asked, flatly. I didn't want to be outright hostile to this guy, who was clearly powerful, but he was pissing me off just for upsetting Nyx like this. The air grew tense.

"Than of the Underground." he growled back. I prepared to square up to this guy, but then Nyx spoke.

"Lets go Thantos. Some of us dark gods prefer different company to our kind." She threw a look at the gold-haired goddess that had remained silent so far. Her voice sounded bitter to me. I let her steer me away, although my blood was boiling.

"Nyx! Wait!"

I gritted my teeth, realising I was holding Nyx tightly. I loosened my grip a little, but kept one arm on her waist. She flashed a stunning, grateful smile at me. I resisted the urge to kiss the top of her head. We turned back to the pair and waited to hear what they had to say.

The End

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