"So how long sleeping beauty going be? It's being what, two whole days of stillness. You really knocked her around. She soo not going to like her new scar on her left hip. That's all down to you, Than. I actually hope I'm around when she does get you back." I couldn't help being all scarcastic and bitchy at the moment. Being around Apollo made me grouchy at the best of times. Coupled with the fact that Zeus was getting in the way of me seeing Thantos and I was really getting upset.

"Will you just shut up, Nyx? If you don't want to be here then just go. No one making you stay here." Than snapped back at me. I was hurt, but didn't show it.

"My reasons are my own." I replied in a monotone.

"Same here, so just drop it will you?" he threw the words back at me without even turning his head.

"O' I'll drop it alright. Like you dropped her". I let the venom creep back into my voice. The venom that would never have been there years ago. Before I got cast out. Before the light gods threw me out. Than snapped back again. I felt isolated. He should be my ally-instead he had gone all goey-eyed over some nature goddess.

Curse her to Tartaros... If she hadn't turned up, I might have had a chance of starting again.

Than and I kept sniping at each other. I was tired and upset. This was my pantheon and he was treating me like the enemy.

If it wasn't for me, they'd be lost in Limbo now.

We were stopped by the return of the doctor. I simmered quietly in the corned whilst he checked the Goddess over. I kept a close enough lid on my temper that even the sun kept shining. But inside, I was ready to tear someone's throat out.

I'm through with being shunted about all the time.

"I just need to see how her scar is looking now." The doctor said in a calm voice. I looked away, having held her with my psychic powers whilst the doctor stitched her.

"Ok Than you can stop staring now. Look I'll go and get her something to wear." I muttered in an acid tone.

"I...I wasn't staring Nyx, too busy looking at you." he replied smoothly. Half of me leapt with joy, the other wanted to growl.

"Me? Why? Wait hold on. Ugh thats Apollo coming, I am definitely going now." I walked out again, knocking Apollo's shoulder hard as he came in. I couldn't help smirking. He'd done worse. However, I wanted to see what was going on. I manipulated the shadows around me, hiding myself and read the minds of those inside to find out what was going on.

"What are you still doing here?" Apollo began in his arrogant tone.

"What does it look like sunshine? Has the sun blinded you? Can't you see that I am sat here waiting for her to open her eyes." Than said sarcastically. I smothered a grin. Nice Than.

I heard a whisper of breath and a rush of emotion from the nature goddess. I shut her out. I knew enough what her feelings were for Than. Possibly better than she did. She didn't seem all that self-aware. They exchanged some soft words, I felt Than's guilt and gritted my teeth. Damn you bitch for making him feel like that.

"Yer, you better be. I still need to kick your butt for getting her into this sate. How dare you even touch her"- Apollo again. I felt a rush of rage errupt from Primrose and things got interesting.

"Get out Apollo!"

"Rosey baby, you're ok. Maybe a little shock by the whole thing aren't we. Everything ok, I'll get rid of the trash for you." Apollo said.

"The only trash here is you Apollo. Haven't I made it quite clear that I never want to see you again?" she spat at him. I heard a light impact as Apollo's back hit the wall on the other side of where I was stood.

Good girl. I might not like you.. but good on you.

"Primrose, I think you should take it easy." Apollo sounded wary.

"Do you want me to throw you out my self?" I asked.

"Primrose, you couldn't do that 6years ago sweetie." I could hear the smile in his voice. It made my blood boil.

"I'm not the same little girl anymore. You won't ever break my heart again. But I promise you this. If you ever hurt me again, I will seek revenge. And I will succeed. You mark my words." she whispered in a deadly tone. I saw a glimpse of Apollo as he flew out into the ponds. It brought back fond memories of when I had done the same all those years ago. When I had found out what he had done.

I couldnt belive after what I did to her she wanted to know me, she threw Apollo out of the room I heard what she said to him it boiled my blood that he broke her heart and I knew from now on I wasnt going tolet her get hurt again.

It was strange haiving my hood down I didnt normally allowed anybody to touch me but it fet right in a strange, I was tempeted to kiss her when she blushed she was wonderful, and I didnt care she was a light god and I was a dark god I had never felt so attracted to anyone in my life.

I blocked out the other gods next door. I could sense enough of Than's thoughts to know that he really liked her. I let the shadows spill away, revealing my grin to Apollo.

"You should install some steps in those Apollo," I called to him. "You've been in them often enough by now."

His face flushed an ugly red and he muttered a string of curses in our native language.

"Tsk. Such foul language belittles you Sun God." I said, mocking him. He snarled, charging at me the same moment Than and Primrose came out of the room.

Than pulled Primrose behind him and I pulled the shadows over me. I did not want to be seen.

"Dark boy know where your place is in this world and move out of the way Primerose and I need a litle chat" he spat at Than.

Big mistake sun-boy. I've felt this God's power- I would be scared if my own did not match it.

 The wind swirled. "I know where my place is sunny boy and it is to protect Primerose it is my way to say sorry so anyone and I mean ANYONE comes near her who she doesnt like say your prayers because you be paying a visit to the underground with me" Than spat back. Apollo looked unnerved since he did not have the ability to sense other Gods' powers. The pair brished past him, crossing the garden to Primrose's room. Than hovered outside as she went to put something on. Maintaining my cover, I slipped into her room from the side of the building, so Than could not see.

She emerged from the dressing room and forze at the sight of me standing there.

"Nyx!" she said, startled. "What..?"

"I have something to say to you. Then I'll most likely disappear. I don't hang aorund where I'm not wanted and this place is...uncomfortable for me."

She nodded, for once staying quiet.

"Lets make something clear. I know you like Than. He likes you. And I like him. Thing is, Apollo likes you. Once he has his sights on something, he wont let go. Unless you have a God who has fought him before on your side. Like me. Now, I don't like you too much. I know you as Apollo's pet and you turned Than against me. Not to mention the fact you're a light Goddess. But, should Apollo ever hassle you- call my name and I'll hear. Not for you, for Than mostly. And the fact that any chance I get, I want to make Apollo suffer for what he did. Don't reply or anything. Just nod if you understand."

She nodded once.

"Hm. Go then. And if you hurt Than even a tiny bit-I'll be after you.." I turned to go, when Than knocked, pushing the door open.

"Are you-?" He began, then seeing me, snapped his mouth shut.

"Don't worry Than. With any luck this will be the last time you see me."

I brushed past them both, before anything could be said and ran straight into Thantos. He held me in a tight hug for a moment before looking at me deeply.

"Nyx.. It has been too long." he smiled, his green eyes warming me. I settled against his chest. "I've missed you Thantos." I murmured against his chest.  

"Who is this?" Than demanded, coming out of the room behind me. "Nyx.. what are you talking about?"

"This is Thantos. And I made myself perfectly clear. I know where I'm not wanted."

"Who are you?" Thantos replied flatly. His arms tightened protectively around me.

"Than of the Underground." Than growled back. I grit my teeth.

"Lets go Thantos. Some of us dark gods prefer different company to our kind." I said, throwing a meaningful look at Primrose. She didn't respond in any way.

Thantos turned with me and began to walk away.

"Nyx! Wait!"

The End

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