I couldnt belive after what I did to her she wanted to know me, she threw Apollo out of the room I heard what she said to him it boiled my blood that he broke her heart and I knew from now on I wasnt going tolet her get hurt again.

It was strange haiving my hood down I didnt normally allowed anybody to touch me but it fet right in a strange, I was tempeted to kiss her when she blushed she was wonderful, and I didnt care she was a light god and I was a dark god I had never felt so attracted to anyone in my life.

"I think we should find you some clothes now I doubt Nyx is going to come back" I said to her still holding her hand lightly in mine. She nodded and I let go of her placing my hand at the bottom of her back ushering her out of the room.

When we left the room Apollo stood dripping wet stsring at us and I stared back he came charging at us I put my arm around Primerose's waist and pulled her slightly behind my-self and stood between them both.

"Dark boy know where your place is in this world and move out of the way Primerose and I need a litle chat" he spat at me smiling slyly this annoyied me I was stronger than all these gods could ever know. The wind swirled round us and it pushed him back "I know where my place is sunny boy and it is to protect Primerose it is my way to say sorry so anyone and I mean ANYONE comes near her who she doesnt like say your prayers because you be paying a visit to the underground with me" I spat out the wind around us grew and storm clouds were over head blocking out the sun I started thinger and lightning but I made sure none of it rained on Primerose and I a we crossed the garden to her room I let her go inside and waited for her to change. This was it I hade made my choice I would protect her no matter what.

The End

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