"So how long sleeping beauty going be? It's being what, two whole days of stillness. You really knocked her around. She soo not going to like her new scar on her left hip. That's all down to you, Than. I actually hope I'm around when she does get you back."

"Will you just shut up, Nyx? If you don't want to be here then just go. No one making you stay here."

"My reasons are my own."

"Same here, so just drop it will you"?

"O' I'll drop it alright. Like you dropped her".

Their bickering was getting on my nervures. On and on they went, when finally they did stop. I could hear the doctor's footsteps approaching me again, putting his hands across my forehead. He touched my left hip which had some sort of a bandage on it. I needed to get out of here now. My body was feeling stronger again. My sense returning to me faster this was good and bad at the same time. The doctor's here were clueless when it came to dealing a Nature god. Or goddess in this case, due to the fact that I was the only goddess of Nature.

 My mother was the goddess of animals. She passed her title on to me on my 18th birthday, just before she got killed. But as the years went by I grow in power. she may have passed her title on to me, but it would seem that I was distanced to become something more then just talk to the animals. 6 years on and now I am able to make nature grow all around me, communicate with the wildlife at my please. I am also now able to make potions to heal others, using the nature.

"I just need to see how her scar is looking now." The doctor told them, not knowing that I could hear every word. He moved the blanket that was put over me. I suddenly felt very conscious; I could feel that my body was bare. I wasn't too sure who else was in the room or looking at my slim body. Then I felt his hand press on my left hip. I groaned out in pain, it was still very tender. Now that I was strong enough I could go back into the forest and heal myself. The doctor left muttering as he went, not before pulling the blanket back over my naked body.

"Ok Than you can stop staring now. Look I'll go and get her something to wear."

"I. I wasn't staring Nyx's, too busy looking at you."

"Me? Why? Wait hold on. Ugh that Apollo coming, I am definitely going now." I heard her footsteps leave the room. Then Apollo's coming in.

"What are you still doing here?"

"What does it look like sunshine? Has the sun blinded you? Can't you see that I am sat here waiting for her to open her eyes." Than said sarcastically. I could feel his eyes on me, waiting for my own eyes to open.

Then as if by magic my own eyes were staring into beautiful face. His black shaggy hair was nicely going into his worried crimson eyes. He sighed in relief taking my hands. It felt nice but strange.

"Than?" I whispered moving my fingers in his hands.

"Primrose, look I erm. Don't know where the hell to start. But. I'm so sorry. I just don't know what happened back their. I'm soo sorr"-

"Yer, you better be. I still need to kick your butt for getting her into this sate. How dare you even touch her"-

Apollo butted in, what we he even doing here anyway? His face was the last thing I needed to see.

"Get out Apollo!" I shouted at him my voice gaining some strength. He stared at me in shock.

"Rosey baby, you're ok. Maybe a little shock by the whole thing aren't we. Everything ok, I'll get rid of the trash for you." Apollo said using his old nickname for me.

This made me see red, I leapt off the bed holding the white sheet that was coving me.

"The only trash here is you Apollo. Haven't I made it quite clear that I never want to see you again?" I splat at him, getting closer to him. Making him back up against the stone wall.

"Primrose, I think you should take it easy." Apollo told me trying to back away from the wall.

"Do you want me to throw you out my self?" I asked.

"Primrose, you couldn't do that 6years ago sweetie." He grinned at me. I'm a lot stronger then the last time. I grabbed him by his top pulling him closer to me, whispering into his ear.

"I'm not the same little girl anymore. You won't ever break my heart again. But I promise you this. If you ever hurt me again, I will seek revenge. And I will succeed. You mark my words." Using both of my hands I sent him flying out the door into the furthers pond available. And of course, I completely forgot about the blanket that was coving me, and was now lying by my feet on the stone floor.

My long light blonde crinkled hair fell around body like silk around my body. I moved my hair over my right shoulder so I could examine my new scar. A  thin  red long line went across my left hip in a jiggered form. I heard someone gasp as I traced my figure along the scar. Then I remembered the other god staring at my tattoo on my back. I turned without thinking; his eyes very quickly scanned my body then returning to my golden eyes. I moved slowly picking the blanket up off the stone floor.

"Primrose, please forgive me. I'm sor"- I cut him off by walking over to him holding my blanket with on hand and placing one finger on his lips.

"Can we start again? I am Primrose Skylark Goddess of Nature." I said in a sort voice surprising my self. I managed to wrap the blanket around me so I didn't have to hold it. I also took his hood off showing the beauty off even more.

"Primrose Skylark Goddess of Nature, I am Than of the Underworld." He told me taking my hand and kissing it making me brush.                         

The End

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