"What's going on?"  Her voice sounded weak, Nyx grounded her teeth I glared at her and she cringed into me I glared at nyx and loooked away. I sighed with relife and went to pull her closer to me but went I touched her left hip.

"She bleeding, quick we need to get her seen to" My voice was lace with panik and guilt did I do this to her?

"This way, Than are you ok carrying her?" The deeper voice was Zues I liked him as he wa God of the Gods the light ones as I was God of the dark ones so we respceted each other. I looked down at her she was trying to protest against me as I held her but I made sure I calmed her down with my powers she soon gave up and I smirked.

""- she couldnt even finnish off what she wa saying I heard a very smug laugh from Nyx and I chuckled under my breathe as I followed Zues to the nearest place that could her.

Nyx was next to me "you know Than she said in her mind just you wait until she gets you back" she said sounding a little annoyed. I sighed at looked down at Primroses fragile form.

"well she had every right to I did this to her didnt I now Ill accept what ever comes to me" I said dryly. I knew Nyx didnt like being here but Primrose needed help and I decided I would help her.

"look Nyx I know you dont like being here but Primrose is badly ingured and well we all have to make acceptions at time to time" she walked ahead of me I sighed I didnt want to upset she understood me. 

when we got to the ermangcy accidant building I placed her down the bed and sat diwn next her making sure the doctor wasnt hurting her.

A women walked in wearing a white linen dress her long blonde curly hair framed her face her green eyes shone, her red plumped lips smiled when her was me. great goddess of love has set her eyes on me.

she walked over to me and sat on my knee and pulled my hood  down "you know Than you always hide your face its better to show off your looks" she purred in my ear.

"Yes but Aphrodite I would have people hanging off me" I said showing no emotion to her  she ran her hand threw my hair I didnt look into her eys because if I did she would have control of me and I iddnt want to go there again.

"Than dont you love me that girl there she doesnt love you lik I do" she cooed at me and I smirked

"Yes yes your right shes doent that why she is in a higher class then you, as she doesnt go around seducing men with her power" she got up off me and walked off but turned aound "Than your no fun anymore" and left the room.

I sighed I knew I wasnt but I didnt care anymore

The End

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